Monday, December 26, 2011

Looking into the future

The new year is just around the corner and with that always comes new challenges.  I always seem to have goals that I am trying to achieve and so this is nothing new to keep setting more as well. 

Not much is different from last year except I feel busier than I did before.  I don't really think I am, but I also don't think I am managing my time as well.  Last year I was also doing my workout in the morning and now I am doing it in the evening after work.  I have chosen this change because of John's work schedule and that way we can share a ride into work in the morning instead of driving separate cars in.  Doesn't make much sense to drive in two cars when we basically work the same hours. 

I have been planning my 2012 future as of late and what I would like to achieve. 
  1. Run at least one registered 5k in most every month. 
    • May make up for a few months by doing more than one in other months.  I don't live in an area that has a lot of scheduled runs.  However, I do try to take advantage of what is available!
  2. Run the Leading Ladies Half Marathon on August 19, 2012. 
    • I have plenty of time to prepare, however I am still nervous!  I feel confident that even if I have to walk the majority I will finish and be proud of that as well.  We all have to start somewhere!!!
  3. Lose another 25 lbs...or more.
    • I managed to lose 25 lbs last year and maintained it.  Now I need to move forward to the next weight loss.  I am OK with losing small amounts, just so long as I can maintain keeping it off! 
  4. Blog at least once a month.
    • I find this is the best way to share my ups and downs throughout this journey and it helps me to look back over where I have been and how I want to proceed forward.  I also have a hand-written journal at home that even when I make a new entry in it I re-read previous entries to see how I am progressing.
  5. Plan and log menus/food intake better.
    • This is probably one of my biggest struggles.  I really need to get my food under control and not let it control me.  I know I can do this, but for some reason I don't.  I have been trying a couple of apps and will try to make a more conscious effort to use them more often and see if I can get better results. 
  6. Slow down and really enjoy life.
    • I need to realize that it is not always go, go, go.  I need to find a better balance between work, housework, working out and relaxing.  Sometimes I tend to be all or nothing and that doesn't work well.  I am going to try and use my planner again and schedule my days and record successes and failures.  This will hopefully help me analyze what I can do to increase my day to day happiness.  WHICH IS MY ULTIMATE GOAL.  Meaning I really need to work on this! :)
This feels like a lot to chew on right now, but overall I feel like I can do this. 

I already have my first 2012 5k scheduled for January 1, 2012 and even John has said he will run with me.  He feels he can do it quite quickly, but I am OK with 40-45 mins!  I enjoy just finishing these races :)  I know I will get faster if I keep working at it.  I also know I have at least one 5k scheduled from April, possibly March, through November.  That takes care of most of my running schedule! 

I will pick up a new planner this week and start working on menus and keeping track of my workouts and scheduling my time. 

I have started back to my WW meetings a couple of weeks ago, however, I haven't fully embraced tracking yet.  I will work on that this week as well.  Even if it is not perfect I will start and go from there.  This is one thing I struggle with, if I can't do it perfect - I just don't do it.  Not a good attitude to have.  Something is better than nothing. 

I don't feel super gung-ho about 2012 but at the same time I feel very positive about it.  I don't feel like I am making major changes like I did in 2011, but rather I feel like I just moving forward another step in this journey.  The best thing about this feeling is that I DID NOT FAIL IN 2011, instead I was successful and want to continue to strive to just do better each year.  This is a huge milestone for me.  Normally I feel like each New Year is a start over point.  This year, however, I feel like this is just the next step forward not a whole new leap!

Hope to run with you this year possibly too!  My goal is to run at least Colorado this year (which is one of my already scheduled races).  We will have to see what my budget can afford to make more states happen as well.  I have North Dakota, Nebraska, Utah and Idaho all "close" by that I could try and find a 5k in to run. 

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!  Let's make 2012 a year to remember! 

~Chat Soon~

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