Thursday, June 28, 2012

up. uP. UP.

I took a sabbatical from everything healthy.  Basically life happened and my weight took a back seat and I didn't focus on it.  I am not proud of the fact that I gained as much weight as I did, but it proves to me that I must always check the scale daily to keep on top of it.  Even when I was basically maintaining for the better part of a year I was still checking almost daily and my weight fluctuated up and down but over a range of only 5-7 lbs.  When I checked at the beginning of this week I was back up to 271.4, then the next day it was 271.8, down a little to 271.6 and today was 271.2.  I have not been perfect every day, but I have been more aware and I think that is helping again.

My activity level has been nil.  I haven't felt like running really because I am never home it seems.  And when I am home I want to relax.  I feel like such a putz because I was doing pretty good at one point.  I know I need to get back at it, whether it be running, walking or something else, but I just haven't felt like it yet.  I feel kind of on the verge of planking and doing my ab stuff.  It takes minimal time and does lead to results.

The temperatures have been atrocious lately!  I have definitely not wanted to be outside doing anything physical since it has been 95+ degrees outside.  Heck, I haven't even mowed the lawn lately.  Not that it needed it until just the past day or so though!  

I started my baking business officially this week.  It's All In The Frosting...  I hope it works!  I am quite nervous about it as of right now.  Afraid of prices and doing a good job for people.  I have only ever baked for myself or friends and family.  I felt it was finally time to give it a go though.  Keeping it fairly simple to start.  As of right now I only have cupcakes and cakes listed on the price sheet.  My goal is to add cookies, bars, muffins and pies also!  I ordered some business cards, magnets and product stickers to get my name and info out.  If you want to check it out you can find me on Facebook. Click on the name and it will take you to my page.  It's All In The Frosting...

Life has been bumpy since the wedding...oh yeah speaking of the went off beautifully.  My mom was here to help and celebrate.  I met more of John's family.  We had a gambling good time and everyone seemed to have fun!  Hopefully everything will start to smooth out though! I am ready for life to be a little more relaxing!  

Not much else to report at this time of catch up.  I hope to be back on here more often because I really think it helps me stay focused as well.  Until then...

~Chat Soon~

Friday, March 2, 2012

February Re-cap!

This past month has been amazing!  I decided to really jump back into my working out!  I am training for my 10k so I completed 4 more weeks of runs.  I have now run 4 miles (intervals of course).  I am working on increasing speed and interval length slowly.  This way I will have more endurance for the actual race day.  By the end of March I will have completed a 7 mile run!  I actually feel like that is very doable now!  Today and next Friday I will be doing 5 miles.  I also plan on doing the 5k on Saturday the 10th.  That should prove to be a little more challenging, but I need those challenges!!!  Then I will do 2 weeks of 6 miles and the final week will be 7 miles.  These are just the Friday runs and during the week I will be doing 45 mins plus 5 min warm-up and cool down.  I figure these runs will total approximately 4.2 miles or more.  By my calculations I should be around 68+ miles for the month of March.  February I came in at 41.1.  Which I was very pleased with!

I did almost every day of the Fab Abs Challenge.  I got a little busy the last few days and didn't have enough time in my day, but I am still satisfied with my results.  I didn't keep track of weight well at the beginning of the month, but I know I was around 263 so as of yesterday I was at 260.6.  I hope with all that I am doing I can continue this direction downward!  Measurement-wise...I don't think I did a very good job of taking my measurements at the beginning of February and so it only shows a loss of 7/8" but I am still very pleased with that.  I did have January 2011 measurements to go off of and I have lost and kept off now 13+ inches total!  5.5" off my waist and 3" off my hips!  From the beginning of February until March 1st  I did lose a whole inch off my hips and a whole inch off the area under my boobs!  I can really see the differences in those two areas.  My waist did not change, but it did TONE!  I can see so many changes in my body from the hard work I am putting in using the Ab Challenges and running! 

The next challenge for abs didn't seem tough enough for me this month.  I wanted to step it up another notch so I added to it.  It only called for the side planks, crunches and push-ups.  I added everything else you see here!  I did Day 1 last night and it had me DRIPPING SWEAT!  I loved every moment of it.  I have never done side planks well at all and due to my increased core strength they went rather well!  I was so shocked when they actually seemed DOABLE! 

I did do pictures and a side by side to show the changes I have for the past month.  I can not say enough that if you haven't started these challenges yet...WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?  I think the longest one day has taken me is 30-45 mins. (The one really long day doesn't count because I got really distracted that day.  Usually I stay right on task until I am done.)  The way everything is set up it builds your strength up to make it so you are successful!  I haven't really done much with my eating.  The only thing I have done is try to be more mindful of what I make and how much I have of it!  When I have done this I do find I am getting more results more consistently!

Feather Girl Dress
As of wedding planning - It is 49 days until the wedding!  EXACTLY 7 WEEKS!  I sent out most of the invitations yesterday and am hand delivering a few.  I have a feather (flower) girl now and have her dress picked out.  I want to make one modification to it but otherwise it is perfect and sparkly!  I still need to finish my chandeliers, which is one goal this weekend.  I also need to figure out the ceremony stuff and I am working on exactly how much food I need.  I went to the hall last night and starting working on the electrical planning and was pleased that the space was EMPTY!  I really got a great sense of it that way!  I took lots of pictures.  I also talked to the manager about the alcohol and she is supposed to be getting me all the prices of the stuff I want.  I am trying to figure out how to not have to make people pay for too much through the bar.  I wish I could just have an open bar, but my budget just does not allow for that!  But I plan on doing my best!!!!

Well that is all for today on this extended post!  I will try to get back on this weekend and let you know how my 5 mile run went!!!

~Chat Soon~

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