Monday, December 26, 2011

Looking into the future

The new year is just around the corner and with that always comes new challenges.  I always seem to have goals that I am trying to achieve and so this is nothing new to keep setting more as well. 

Not much is different from last year except I feel busier than I did before.  I don't really think I am, but I also don't think I am managing my time as well.  Last year I was also doing my workout in the morning and now I am doing it in the evening after work.  I have chosen this change because of John's work schedule and that way we can share a ride into work in the morning instead of driving separate cars in.  Doesn't make much sense to drive in two cars when we basically work the same hours. 

I have been planning my 2012 future as of late and what I would like to achieve. 
  1. Run at least one registered 5k in most every month. 
    • May make up for a few months by doing more than one in other months.  I don't live in an area that has a lot of scheduled runs.  However, I do try to take advantage of what is available!
  2. Run the Leading Ladies Half Marathon on August 19, 2012. 
    • I have plenty of time to prepare, however I am still nervous!  I feel confident that even if I have to walk the majority I will finish and be proud of that as well.  We all have to start somewhere!!!
  3. Lose another 25 lbs...or more.
    • I managed to lose 25 lbs last year and maintained it.  Now I need to move forward to the next weight loss.  I am OK with losing small amounts, just so long as I can maintain keeping it off! 
  4. Blog at least once a month.
    • I find this is the best way to share my ups and downs throughout this journey and it helps me to look back over where I have been and how I want to proceed forward.  I also have a hand-written journal at home that even when I make a new entry in it I re-read previous entries to see how I am progressing.
  5. Plan and log menus/food intake better.
    • This is probably one of my biggest struggles.  I really need to get my food under control and not let it control me.  I know I can do this, but for some reason I don't.  I have been trying a couple of apps and will try to make a more conscious effort to use them more often and see if I can get better results. 
  6. Slow down and really enjoy life.
    • I need to realize that it is not always go, go, go.  I need to find a better balance between work, housework, working out and relaxing.  Sometimes I tend to be all or nothing and that doesn't work well.  I am going to try and use my planner again and schedule my days and record successes and failures.  This will hopefully help me analyze what I can do to increase my day to day happiness.  WHICH IS MY ULTIMATE GOAL.  Meaning I really need to work on this! :)
This feels like a lot to chew on right now, but overall I feel like I can do this. 

I already have my first 2012 5k scheduled for January 1, 2012 and even John has said he will run with me.  He feels he can do it quite quickly, but I am OK with 40-45 mins!  I enjoy just finishing these races :)  I know I will get faster if I keep working at it.  I also know I have at least one 5k scheduled from April, possibly March, through November.  That takes care of most of my running schedule! 

I will pick up a new planner this week and start working on menus and keeping track of my workouts and scheduling my time. 

I have started back to my WW meetings a couple of weeks ago, however, I haven't fully embraced tracking yet.  I will work on that this week as well.  Even if it is not perfect I will start and go from there.  This is one thing I struggle with, if I can't do it perfect - I just don't do it.  Not a good attitude to have.  Something is better than nothing. 

I don't feel super gung-ho about 2012 but at the same time I feel very positive about it.  I don't feel like I am making major changes like I did in 2011, but rather I feel like I just moving forward another step in this journey.  The best thing about this feeling is that I DID NOT FAIL IN 2011, instead I was successful and want to continue to strive to just do better each year.  This is a huge milestone for me.  Normally I feel like each New Year is a start over point.  This year, however, I feel like this is just the next step forward not a whole new leap!

Hope to run with you this year possibly too!  My goal is to run at least Colorado this year (which is one of my already scheduled races).  We will have to see what my budget can afford to make more states happen as well.  I have North Dakota, Nebraska, Utah and Idaho all "close" by that I could try and find a 5k in to run. 

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!  Let's make 2012 a year to remember! 

~Chat Soon~

Monday, November 28, 2011

Run! Turkey Run! SUCESS

I ran my first Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day this past week.  My future FIL joined me as well as Molly (my dog [she even made the local news! as well as my legs!  lol]).  We had an absolutely amazing day for it.  The temps were perfect!  There was no wind! and the course was FLAT! 

My goal was to finish in 45 mins or less!  I felt that this was a very realistic goal and I planned on doing it completely with intervals.  One minute run to one minute walk.  I started out doing 4 min run so Molly and I wouldn't get run over!  There were A LOT of people there!  Once we got to where it started to thin out we started our intervals!  I did it so my phone's app would tell me what my speed was for every run I did.  This helped keep me on track for not going too fast.  I thought however, that I was walking at a snail speed even though my miles were coming out about right overall!  I hit the actual 3.1 miles in 41 minutes and crossed the finish line 3.34 miles in 43:32.  We started about a quarter mile from the start line :(  But I know how well I did and that is all that matters!  Also, even though it was farther I still beat my goal of less than 45 mins!  I was really happy to see the breakdown on my phone for the miles too!  All were under 13:30 I believe!  I know the first mile was just over 12 mins!!!  Overall by the Montana Timing Website I finished 1031 out of approximately 1230!  I thought I was in the top 1000 (999) but with all the people that registered on the day of the run I got pushed back to 1031 (which is still awesome!)  Now that I have accomplished this I am ready to look for another one!  I am also thinking about my training this winter and planning the half marathon for next summer...scary thought! 

My Thanksgiving was great!  I didn't really overeat.  I enjoyed all the foods I love and just had everything in moderation.  I didn't make the entire trip about food, however, that can be difficult at times!  I did a little shopping and that helped keep me active and on my feet.  I was pretty sore after pushing hard at the 5k so I took it a little easy.  I am planning on heading to the gym after work today (Monday)!  Ready to start getting some miles in!!!!

I didn't really gain anything over the holidays.  I came home retaining some water, but that was mainly due to the salty snacks we ate on the way home and the pizza we had for dinner.  I was not up to the task of cooking dinner after driving over 4 hours home!  It sure was nice to get home and sleep in my own bed last night.  Well it was another month of maintaining, but I am still so darn tickled that I have lost 25 lbs and kept it off for this past year.  Now on to the next 25 lbs lost!!!!

~Chat Soon~

Thursday, November 3, 2011

One year........

I have officially been with working on my weight loss journey for ONE YEAR.  I have had my ups and downs and also been just plain flat too!  I look back at this year and I can't say I am super thrilled with my results, but then I think wait a minute...YOU LOST 25 LBS AND HAVE MANAGED TO KEEP IT OFF!  Could I have done better?  SURE.  But I have had many obstacles get in my way and I know it's my choice to change these, but I am doing my best and I am happy!  My whole goal at the beginning of this journey was to 1) Lose Weight & 2) BE HAPPY!  I have actually accomplished both of these goals.  They are going to continue to be my goals because I am no where near my ultimate goal of weight loss, but I am happy and I just want that to continue! 

Another month has passed and I had to get new shoes in the middle of it due to my previous ones dying.  They are good shoes to wear around, but not for walking/running.  I was getting shin splints shortly after starting every time I worked out and that made me not want to do it because I was in so much pain.  I got new shoes and I have only been out walking twice :(  Not very good.  I did not make my goal of 52.4 miles and I think a lot of this has to do with my shoes.  If I would not have lost so much steam over needing new shoes I think I could have gotten my miles in. 

However, because I had to slow down it made it so easy to say I didn't want to do it.  The weather changed and the nights are much shorter also.  I know these are just excuses and you have to find a way to work through them and right now I am trying, but these are the ones that always kick my butt at this time of year!  I really do try to not let these things get to me so much, but it is what it is.  I could be made, upset or just frustrated and disappointed in myself, but instead I am happy that I have done what I have and know I will get back to it eventually.  Right now I am working on getting the gym with my friend. 

I have been trying to make better choices in food, not always the best, but better.  I also am trying to be more aware of portion size and not just overeat.  So far I feel like I am being more successful with my eating.  I find I am not searching the kitchen as much also when I am home. 

I am looking forward to this new month with fresh eyes and hoping to find some success this month.  The holidays have always been difficult for me, but I really want to do better.  I have researched and found a 5k in Billings, MT on Thanksgiving day.  Billings is about 90 mins from John's moms house so I am considering it.  Just depends on our schedule for when we go over there.  I really want to do it because that would mean I will have completed a 5k in 4 states this year! 

I know I sound happy and sad at the same time in this blog, but overall I feel successful!  I have a positive attitude moving forward from here and know I can keep doing this!  If it means I will "only" lose 20-25 lbs per year, I am OK with that!  I don't really care how long it takes, I just want it gone! :)  Thank you for following me through this journey!

~Chat Soon~

Monday, October 3, 2011


October is a special month for me!  

  • My anniversary is October 13th.  This year will be 3 years we have been together.  Still trying to get to Vegas to get married, but that's just a minor detail in a great relationship!
  • This is my 12th month of being on WW, and even though I haven't done as well as I thought I might, I have been more successful in ways I didn't think possible!
    • I have lost and kept off 20+ lbs this past year!
    • I have become more active!
    • I have started new activities, such as cross country skiing!
    • AND, I have gained a new set of friends at my meeting that help me with their support!
  • I accomplished my September goals so now I can move forward to another awesome month.  Really hoping the weather is great again so I can really take advantage of it.
I took my measurements this morning and did my weight.  I actually think the No-Scale Challenge at the beginning of the month wasn't the best choice, but thankfully when I knew my clothes were a little snug I decided to change that and hopped on the scale.  I didn't like what I saw, but it was the truth and so I knew what I needed to do.  I slowed my goals down to just daily ones and tried to accomplish these since thinking about the big picture was just too much for me at the time.  I was able to turn around my weight GAIN and actually ended up losing 4.2 lbs overall.  Mind you I had gained almost 5 lbs at one point this month, so in actuality I lost 9.2 lbs!  

I have lost inches and I can't wait for John to take a picture right now.  I will add it to this blog once I get it on the computer!  I know my body is toning.  I can feel the difference.  I can see the difference.  And, I can tell by how my walks/runs go.  

Yep, I said runs.   Since I have been walking so much lately I have actually felt the desire and the need to run!  This was such an awesome feeling because I really thought I was destined to just walk because I knew I could and could go farther easier doing that.  When I was running before I would get sore then just want to stop doing anything all together so I figured why keep hurting myself and start walking instead so I can keep going all the time.  It has been miraculous for my body and self esteem!  I have increased my walking speed and yet slow down when I need to.  It got me back in to running and I just sprinkle my walks with running right now.  Basically if my body wants to run, I run.  If I run, I usually start with a 5 min warm-up walk then run 1 min walk 1 min for 4 intervals then walk the rest of that mile. From then on I am to the top of the steeper of the hills and so I walk and run and I feel I want to.  Like yesterday in my third mile I just wanted to run.  So, I went at a rather slow pace, 4.8 mph (I am usually at 5.0+) and was able to go for 6.5 minutes without an issue.  I may have gone farther but I had to walk to cross over the cattle guard!  I probably didn't need to keep going though anyways because I could have hurt myself and that would have been a terrible thing to do right before starting my new month!  Anyways, most of my runs have been over 5.0 miles an hour and that makes me feel so good because I have always been right on 5.0 whenever I have run.  I feel that this has a direct correlation with all the walking I am doing!  

My goal of eating better and tracking daily is still a struggle.  I do try to make smarter choices though and when I do I am much more successful!

My October goals are not much different than September.  I have been hemming and hawing about this all week.  
  • Walk/Run 52.4 miles for October.  (this is 2 marathons and to think about it that was is just such an awesome thought)
  • Track at least 4 days a week including 1 weekend day.
  • Blog as necessary.  (Sometimes I am just too busy or don't have much to say so I don't blog!)
  • Run in my walks at least 2 times per week. (Like I said I run when my body wants to right now so I don't want too much of a strict goal for this and then I get discouraged or hurt and quit!)
  • Continue to be as happy and upbeat as I can!
So there it is.  Finally a recording of what I want to do this month...Pretty much the same as last month :)  But that is OK!  At least I can say I did well and why ruin a good thing!  


Sep 1, 2011
Oct 1, 2011
Right Calf
Left Calf
Right Thigh
Left Thigh
Under Boobs
Left Arm
Right Arm
Total Inches Lost This Month!

In both pictures September 1, 2011 is on the left and October 1, 2011 is on the right.
I was very pleased with my one month results and can't wait for the next month!!!!

~Chat Soon~

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Almost to the end...sort of :)

It's been two weeks since I last updated and a lot has changed since then. 

I am not feeling so negative and I am exercising more.  Hmmm maybe I should have just been exercising all along and I would never have gotten so depressed!  Just a thought!

I have gone back over my previous blogs to see what has changed, what has been good, how I can improve and what still needs to change.
  • Goal #1 Walk 50 miles in the month of September.
    • I will have this achieved no problem. 
      • I was slow to get started early in the month, but then I did the 5k I planned on doing and I just got better from there!  Now I can't seem to stop no matter what my mood is.
      • I have also gotten faster overall too! 
      • I started running a little with it, as my body wants to and I noticed I am running at a faster pace than before, however my legs really ache for the mile following the runs I did.  Usually if I keep walking I can walk away most of the pain though.  Still improving! 
        • I really couldn't believe that I was actually running at a faster pace though...that was a big surprise for me.  I have always run at the same pace before but with all the walking I must be getting more conditioning! 
      • Most days I try to get the full 3.4 miles in. 
        • Depends on how I feel and how late it is though. 
        • I have decided on the weekends I just have to get up and walk and then do whatever else I need to do.  This works best because then there is no excuse for why I am not getting in my exercise over the weekend!
  • Goal #2 Measurements
    • I will take these on either Friday or Saturday and see how I am coming.  But they will get done! 
  • Goal #3 Photos
    • I took a preliminary photo last night to compare and I was very pleased with my walking results!  Can't wait to take the next official photo either Friday or Saturday!
  • Goal #4 Happiness (wasn't really stated but it's always the underlying goal I have)
    • Well I have had my ups and downs this month, but I feel amazing right now.  I feel successful because I am working out regularly and my weigh ins have been in the right direction.
  • Goal #5 Plan Meals
    • Doing better!  Trying to plan a budget better so planning meals really helps.  It has also helped me to create more me time because I am not always having to prepare meals daily!
  • Goal #6 Make time for ME
    • I am doing much better with this!  I plan daily walks and have also started a hand written journal.  I also started a binder with recipes and articles that help me get better and more successful! 
I am still struggling with:
  • Tracking
    • Still don't like to
  • Meal Planning
    • Doing better, but still a struggle!  I know it takes time and I can do this!
I'm sure there are other struggles too, but these are the worst!  And even some of my successes above have struggles that go along with them.  However, I am moving forward!!!! 

Since my last blog I have really taken my advice and doing a lot more "CAN" rather than "can't"!  This makes me feel so good about my goal setting! 

I will work on my October goals over the next few days and share them with you.  Also expect to see my new measurements and photo comparison!

Once again if you have any suggestions to help me keep improving please share!  I value any and all ideas!

~Chat Soon~

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Today I did my weekly weigh in at my WW meeting.  I haven't been this high in so long and it is trying to send me on a spiral downward. 

My goal for this day, yes one day at a time right now, is:
  • to track my food
  • eat better
  • 30 mins of activity (which will probably be cleaning the house)
I bought a journal and a 3 ring binder today (so I can keep all my recipes or motivational articles in one place).  I still plan on blogging but I thought maybe the journal would help get the thoughts out of my head as they happen, rather than waiting to write an entire blog.  Also, I could add recipes I come across or good websites to check out.  It will be a resource as well.

I titled this blog "CAN" because that is what I need to think right now.
  • I CAN be happy.
  • I CAN track.
  • I CAN check points plus values on food.
  • I CAN get exercise in regularly.
  • I CAN make time for me.
  • I CAN make time for my family.
I am sure there are more and I will work on adding to this list as I think of them.  Right now I need to focus my energy and the positives in my life and learn how to deal with the negatives better.  I really have no idea how to do this, but I know I HAVE TO TRY!

Life is definitely not easy and right now I feel like I am failing, but I am DETERMINED as well to NOT GIVE UP.  I can't let these negative feelings win.  I need to find my happy self.  The one that loves her body no matter what a scale says.  I need to feel successful again and right now I have been fighting with it a lot. 

I have been getting really good at faking it and that IS NOT WORKING!  I must change this. 
  • Scratch that - I CAN CHANGE THIS
    • I don't know how exactly yet, but I am starting with today and will take it one day at a time!
Thank you for taking the time to read this and help me with this journey.  Even just knowing it is getting read and that I am sharing my feelings helps me too!

If you have any suggestions to try I welcome ideas.  I will keep you posted on my progress.

~Chat Soon~

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What plan?!

This has not been one of my best months after creating a plan.
  • John and I have been carpooling. 
    • So, every time I think I have time to walk after work and before he is done he is done "sort of early"
      • but I could have still made at least one lap :( 
    • Also by the time we get home the sun goes down so quickly and I have so much to do! :(
  • I haven't been tracking.
    • Because I don't like to.
    • I forget.
    • Don't always check the points value.
  • Sometimes I just don't want to do it.
    • Not a good attitude I know, but that is how I feel. 
    • I need to focus and get back on track at least 85% but for some reason I am fighting against it with more energy than it would take to just do it!
  • I feel like I am going all the time.
    • At least every weekend I have something that needs to be done, or that I want to do.  Even if it's just to watch football.
      • I know I should do other exercises while watching football, but this has never been my style.  But I could change that!  I would just have to do it!
    • Sometimes I just need to make time for me and do what is best for me. 
      • This may mean I stop carpooling with John so I can go to they gym again first thing in the morning. 
        • However, if we do this then we would be paying more in gas and then I would have gym fees as well! :(  See how it sometimes makes it difficult to make things work. (No matter how bad you want it to work!)
      • I had every intention before I took Zac with me to Colorado to run/walk while I was down there.  (I wanted to say I ran in another state this year!) But with him there I didn't feel like it. 
  • I want to plan meals to help me better prepare week to week.
    • This takes so much work and every time I start to do it I always find something more appealing to do instead.
My goals for this next week...nothing too much because I really hate setting the bar too high!
  • Exercise
    • 4 days
    • Crunches (50)/push-ups (20) during football.
      • They don't have to be all at once though! 
  • Plan meals
    • 4 days with leftovers on the other days.
  • Track meals
    • 4 days with one of those being on the weekend for sure.
  • Make time for me. 
    • Maybe start a hand written journal and just reflect in it.
    • Sometimes this is just me laying down with my Kindle and enjoying a good book to though and I try to do this nightly.
There, that should get me started for this week.  My week starts right now!  If I can meet or exceed these goals I will be happy and hopefully it will help my waistline as well.  I know my weight is an issue because of not following these simple things.

I do have a 5k scheduled for Friday after work.  I don't plan on running all of it and maybe who knows, I may not run at all, but I know I will complete it and love every minute of it!

~Chat Soon~

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cool fall day

Today it is still considered summer, but you wouldn't know it to walk outside!  The sun is shining so beautifully but as I write this it is only 56 degrees outside!  

Ever since I pushed so hard earlier this week to make my August mileage goal I have been quite sore.  I did put my walking shoes on yesterday though and it helped my foot feel better.  They must have better support and so I was able to get my first september walk in.  John went with me and we only got 1.7 miles in, but that was better than nothing!  We walked at a nice easy pace.  With me being sore and he has  had a sore knee this was our best move.  Better to get the miles in rather than push super hard and not be able to go the next day.  

So far today I haven't been out to walk, but I will be getting it in for sure.  I also plan on getting my yard mowed, for the first time in a month!  It will take some effort that is for sure, but once again that is exercise too!  I did get the dishes done and am working on cleaning the house up a little.  Today is a perfect day to just get stuff done!  

I did struggle with the scale this was taunting me to step on it, BUT I DIDN'T!!!  :)  I knew I didn't need to so I didn't!  I have done "ok" on tracking, but I need to put down last nights food/drinks and what I have had today so far.

Well I hear my neighbor mowing so I better get to it!!!  

~Chat Soon~

Thursday, September 1, 2011

A new month, A new approach

Today is the first day of September.  Very hard to believe we are going into fall already.  I am going to try a new approach to my weight loss since summer is fading quickly behind us.  I have given up the scale and will walk more.  I will also track more regularly. 

My goal for the month of September is to walk 50 miles.  As of today I am very nervous.  That is an ambitious goal, but I feel confident.  If I can be above 40 I will be very pleased with myself.  Will of course have to see what the weather does because this will be a factor in my walks.  I don't mind the swinging temps, but would prefer to be not walking in the rain and other inclement weather!  I am not walking tonight as of right now.  I am very sore from the last two days of walking basically 7 miles!  I need a day to recuperate my hip and then get back to it.  If for some reason I feel the need to walk tonight, mostly because Molly will drive me crazy, I will only do a short slower paced walk.

I took my weight this morning and all of my measurements.  Since I last did measurements I recorded in April I have actually gained 8.25 inches.  I was kind of surprised by some of the numbers!  At least now I know what I am working with at the moment and I know how to change it, so time to get to work!

I feeling very positive about this month.  I even took photos so I have something to compare at the the end of the month.  I will share before and after photos then!  I even put on a pair of jeans that were a size smaller so I have those to compare also!  I know I can do this, I just need to focus and get it done.  This month I also have another 5k scheduled.  It is a walking one, but I may try to run part of it.  By the time it happens I will have been working with this app for a month and should be a little more conditioned again! 

Here is to an awesome month of September!  I will keep you posted along the way.

~Chat Soon~

(as of this morning)
  • Calf - Left - 17.5
  • Calf - Right - 18.25
  • Thigh - Left - 28.75
  • Thigh - Right - 29.75
  • Hips - 55.5
  • Waist - 46.5
  • Under boobs - 44
  • Boobs - 46
  • Neck - 14.25
  • Arm - Left - 17
  • Arm - Right - 17.25
  • Weight - 260.6

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Been a little busy

I haven't forgotten about blogging one bit, however I have been enjoying life this summer!  I came to the realization that as much as I want to lose weight and be more fit, I want to still be able to enjoy life.  If that means that I don't always follow the plan to a "T" it's ok and I don't beat myself up for it.  Am I moving more slowly in my progress than I may like, SURE, but I am a happier person when I don't stress about it.  Sometimes you just have to learn how to live and juggle everything.  In the process you realize what is more important at that time though. 

This past week I didn't eat super well.  Healthy that is, trust me the food I did have was DELICIOUS.  I did however, slow down and savour every bite.  I drank too much this past weekend, but hey I had a good time!  Got to cut loose every now and then.  I got to experience the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally for the first time ever!  I will definitely be going back to this yearly I hope!  I just enjoy walking around checking out all of the bikes and people watching!  I didn't even drink over there because I was driving and had to work the next day.  I have lots of pictures to share once I get them uploaded. 

This week so far has been recouperating.  I was so exhausted Monday (only 3 hours of sleep) that I came home early from work and slept for 13 hours!  I stayed up too late last night and didn't sleep well again and so today I am dragging.  Debating whether or not to run/walk tonight.  The weather has been PERFECT, but I am wore out.  We'll see!!

I will get back to my daily blogs here soon!  Need a day or two yet to get back on schedule truly.  I think Zac is going to be coming home very soon.  That will be another challenge I will have to deal with, but it can be done. 

That is all for now!

~Chat Soon~

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tues 8/2 - W3D1

This morning I got to sleep in because I was going to get my plates on my vehicle in Sundance.  Basically where I live is in the middle between Sundance and Gillette.  I choose to get my plates in the far location because I want them to be from Crook County not Campbell!  lol  So, the easiest way for me to do this is stay home and go first thing in the morning.

I had thought about going for a run/walk this morning since it was so nice out, but I really just felt like taking my time getting ready and that is exactly what I did!  I had a PB & J because I needed something easy for breakfast and I knew it would satisfy until I got to work!

My goal is to go for a run/walk tonight when I get home.  I haven't decided which way I will go and which week I will do.  I leaning towards W2D2 though and just try to push a little harder and faster!  I will keep you posted on what I decide of course.  I also need to do some ab exercises.

Weight - 259.0
Weight lost this week - 1.2
Weight lost TOTAL (2 weeks) - 4.2

Today's Food:

Breakfast - 8 pts
  • Peanut butter & jelly - 8 pts
Snack - 4 pts
  • Cherries - 0 pts
  • Mini Cupcake - 4 pts
Lunch - 13 pts
  • Cupcake - 6 pts
  • Salad - 7 pts
    • Romaine - 
    • Turkey (4 oz) - 4 pts
    • Goat Cheese (1/4 C) - 2 pts
    • Raspberry Vinaigrette dressing - 1 pts
Snack - 4 pts
  • Cherries - 0 pts
  • Plum - 0 pts
  • Mini Cupcake - 4 pts
Dinner - 14 pts
  • (2) Tacos - 14 pts
Snack - 3 pts
  • Cookies (3 mini) - 3 pts

Total Points Allowed - 40 pts
Total Points Used - 46 pts (approximately, some stuff I guesstimated on)

Exercise -
  • C25K - W2D2 - Warm up 5 min walking - Alternate 90 seconds of jogging and two minutes of walking for a total of 20 mins - Cool down 5 min walking. - Total 2 miles
    • Tonight was hot, but it was an awesome run!!!  Once again did the loop that takes me up a really long hill.  The first run I did when I hit the flat pavement after getting to the top of the hill was AWESOME!!!  Then I ran for 4 mins to do the last run and all the way down the big hill!  Another really awesome run!  Overall this was a great night :)
  • Planks - 3 - 20 seconds each
Today has been a great day!  I look forward to tomorrow.  I have my first meeting in a month and I think I am doing well!!  :)

~Chat Soon~

Week 2 Day 7

Weight - 258.6

Today's Food:

Breakfast - 4 pts
  • Oatmeal with Banana - 4 pts
Snack - 0 pts
  • Fruit - 0 pts
Lunch - 17 pts
  • Salad
    • Romaine Lettuce - 0 pts
    • Avocado (whole) - 10 pts
    • Tomato (whole) - 0 pts
    • Goat Cheese (1/4 cup) - 2 pts
    • Turkey (4 oz) - 4 pts
    • Raspberry Viniagrette - 1 pt 
Snack - 9 pts
  • Cherries - 0 pts
  • Candy Bar - 5 pts
  • Rock Star - 4 pts
Dinner - 8 pts
  • Inside Out Cheese burger - 8 pts
Snack - 0 pts
  • Strawberries - 0 pts

Total Points Allowed - 40 pts
Total Points Used - 38 pts

Yesterday was pretty good.  If I didn't have the avocado to cut up at work I would have probably only had half, but since I had to have the whole thing or it would go bad I did.  They are too expensive and tasty to just through out!

I did not get out for any exercise today.  I was busy with work and when I got home it was raining off and on and I was busy with work there too!  I hope to get out tomorrow night!

~Chat Soon~

Week 2 Day 6

Weight 257.8

Today's Food:

Breakfast -
  • Eggs (3)
  • Bacon
  • Toast
Snack -
  • Fruit
Lunch -
  • DiGiorno Pizza (1/2)
Snack -
  • Fruit
Dinner -
  • None
Snack -
  • None

Total Points Allowed - 40 pts
Total Points Used -

After a late lunch of pizza I wasn't very hungry.

John and I did go for a walk this morning 1.7 miles and I forgot to mention on yesterday's blog that we went for W2D1 on C25K totaling about 2 miles!  Most of this route that we walked and ran is up hill then back down for the finish!  It was warm, but not hot out yet.

~Chat Soon~

Week 2 Day 5

Weight - 258 - Finally got past the bloating!  I knew I was making progress!!!!!!!

Today's Food:

Breakfast -
  • Cap'n Crunch with Skim Milk
Snack -
  • Fruit
Lunch -
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly
Snack -
  • Fruit
Dinner -
  • Brat (1)
Snack -
  • Fruit

Total Points Allowed - 40 pts
Total Points Used -

I didn't do so well tracking when I had things so it is Tuesday now and I am trying to fill out Saturday's tracker :(   Oh well I am still trying though right?!?!

~Chat Soon~

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Week 2 Day 4

This morning I had some shin splints from yesterdays run/walk.  Kind of to be expected.  It is supposed to be hot today so I am thinking I will either walk tonight or tomorrow morning do another c25k.

Weight - 261.6 - Still bloated today - Did start my period so I should be getting back down in a day or so though :)

Today's Food:

Breakfast - 2 pts

  • Mini Rice cakes - 2 pts
  • Banana - 0 pts

Snack - 0 pts
  • Variety of fruits - 0 pts
Lunch - 4 pts
  • Oatmeal with Banana - 4 pts
Snack - 0 pts
  • Variety of fruits - 0 pts
Dinner - 20 pts
  • Cap'n crunch cereal w/ skim milk - 20 pts
Snack -
  • none

Total Points Allowed - 40 pts
Total Points Used - 26 pts

I was so busy today that I really didn't even feel like eating.  Also since I was just starting I felt miserable and didn't even want to eat!  I got home last night and was so tired I was about in tears so I had some dinner, relaxed and then went to bed.  Due to being so tired I decided to put off the walk tonight and will go first thing in the morning!

~Chat Soon~

Week 2 Day 3

Yesterday I was not very good, but I still kept my portions in check, however the things I chose had high points values!  I am doing better today.  I also still did not drink much water so I am focusing on that better today and getting more fruit!

Today I have a run/walk scheduled for 12:30 with a friend and I am so excited!!!  I look forward to getting back to my running and weight loss!!!  It really does make a difference when I workout daily as opposed to sproradically :)

Weight - 262 - I was bloated this morning :(  Feeling better though and drinking more water and eating more fruits.  I didn't have many yesterday!

Today's Food:

Breakfast - 4 pts
  • Oatmeal with Banana - 4 pts
Snack - 0 pts
  • Strawberries - 0 pts
  • Grapes - 0 pts
Lunch - 10 pts
  • Egg Salad Sandwich - 10 pts
  • Plum - 0 pts
Snack - 0 pts - I don't have all of these at once!  :)
  • Grapes - 0 pts
  • Strawberries - 0 pts
  • Banana - 0 pts
Dinner - 16 pts
  • Ribeye Steak - 12 pts 
  • Rice - 4 pts
Snack - 12 pts
  • Fruit - 0 pts
  • Ice cream - 12 pts

Total Points Allowed - 40 pts
Total Points Used - 42 pts

Feeling pretty good about myself after today....even though I had a big steak and ice cream!  Getting back on the running really helped me feel like I am making progress!

~Chat Soon~

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Week 2 Day 2

Yesterday was awesome!  Kasie and I decided to sign up for 5k's and commit to run.  Today I made plans with another friend to run around lunch time with her during the week so I can prepare.  I have a lot to do before my first one in four weeks approximately!  We plan on starting tomorrow together, but I think if it is nice tonight I will do something small to begin with.  Don't want to do too much and fail.  I am thinking I will follow the C25K again.  Maybe not from the beginning exactly or not as many days on each set.  We'll see how my legs, hip and overall body feel with this!  I really want to be able to run the entire length of a 5k without walking!!!!  My goal is to do this for sure by the second one on September 4th.  I'll keep you posted on that is going!

Last night I had a dance party and cleaned house and I look forward to doing this again.  Keeps me moving and motivated so much more than just going through each boring task!  I have a lot yet to tackle before we have company in about 10 day!  Got to have the place looking good so I don't have to worry so much.

Weight - 261.2 - I think this is up because of not enough water being drank yesterday!

Today's Food:

Breakfast - 12 pts
  • Coffee - 2pts
  • Tornadoes (2) - 10 pts - I know I shouldn't have gotten these, but they did fill me up for hours!  Along with the coffee :)
Snack - 0 pts
  • None - I wasn't hungry
Lunch - 17 pts
  • Homemade pizza - 17 pts - not ate all at once, but I am still counting it as a total! (seriously took me all day to eat this pizza!)
Snack - 0 pts
  • Plum - 0 pts
Dinner - 24 pts
  • Bisquits - 10 pts 
  • Sausage Gravy - 8 pts
  • 2 eggs - 4 pts
  • Skim Milk - 2 pts 
Snack - 0 pts
  • None

Total Points Allowed - 40 pts
Total Points Used - 53 pts - oops!  Went a little crazy on dinner.  I know I went high on points for dinner, but still!  

To make up for my big dinner I did go for a 1.5 mile walk with John and Molly.  It was a beautiful night for this and I enjoyed myself very much!  I have plans to go for a run/walk with a friend tomorrow and I really excited to get back to that!!!!!

Well I have some work to do tonight so I will catch up tomorrow!

~Chat Soon~

Week 2 Day 1

Today is the first day of my new week!  I felt very positive about my results over the past week.  I was much more aware of every choice I made. 

Starting Weight  - 263.2
Current Weight - 260.2
Weight Loss (this week) - 3 lbs

This was the best feeling.  All I did was make better choices and count my points for most everything I ate.  I was a little more active or at least I tried to be more aware of my activities since they are not structured. 

Starting a new week feeling this good is going to really help me.  I will still have my ups and downs, but I know I can get through anything!

Today's Food:

Breakfast - 4 pts

I didn't drink as much water as I should have today.  Need to do better tomorrow!

I had planned on starting my running last night but as I drove home a storm was rolling in with lightening so I decided to have a dance party and clean house!!!  It was fun and I got a lot done in about an hour!

Overall I had a very good day and night!!!

~Chat Soon~
  • Blueberry Oatmeal with a Banana - 4 pts
Snack -
  • none
Lunch - 10 pts
  • Egg Salad Sandwich - 10 pts
  • Zuchini & Summer Squash - 0 pts - Can I say SUPER DELISH!!!
  • Diet Pepsi
Snack - 0 pts
  • Plum - 0 pts
Dinner - 17 pts
  • Homemade pizza - 17 pts - for HALF of the pizza! 
Snack - 0 pts
  • None

Total Points Allowed - 40 pts
Total Points Used - 31 pts

So, my friend Kasie and I just registered to do the 5k in Gillette - September 4th:
and I also registered for the Leading Ladies 5k in Spearfish Canyon - August 21st:

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 7

I didn't have a perfect weekend, but I had a much more successful weekend than many in my past!  I was much more aware of everything I did and everything I ate or wanted to eat!  I find this to be a huge improvement.  I could have ate really bad and I CHOSE not to!

Weight - 261.2 - Back up a little but still down from a week ago!!!

Today's Food:

Breakfast - 4 pts
  • Banana - 0 pts
  • Bread (2 slices) with WW Cream Cheese - 4 pts 
Snack - 0 pts
  • Banana - 0 pts
Lunch - 8 pts
  • (2) Tuna Sandwich - 4 pts/each - I have these about an hour apart not all in one setting!
Snack - 0 pts
  • Kiwi - 0 pts
  • Banana - 0 pts
Dinner - 10 pts
  • Eggs (3) - 6 pts
  • Toast (2 slices) - 4 pts (butter included here)
  • Smoothie - 5 pts
Snack - 10 pts
  • Ice Cream - 10 pts

Total Points Allowed - 40 pts
Total Points Used - 37 pts

I was quite please that I could still have my ice cream and not go over on points!  I felt very satisfied all day!

~Chat Soon~

Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 6

Weight - 260.8

Today's Food:

Breakfast - 15 pts
  • Cap'n Crunch Cereal - 12 pts
  • Skim Milk - 3 pts
Snack - 0 pts
  • Cherries - 0 pts
Lunch - 
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly
Snack - 
  • none
Dinner - 
  • Chicken (1 small breast)
  • Rib (1 beef rib)
  • Potato salad
  • Baked beans
  • Banana Custard thing
  • Tiny Cupcake
Snack - 0 pts
  • Cherries 0 pts

Total Points Allowed - 40 pts
Total Points Used - 

I didn't track the points very well but I tried to keep portions under control very well!  I could have pigged out easily, but I didn't want to do that so I didn't!  Even when we got home I really wanted to snack on bad for me food and I didn't.

~Chat Soon~

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 5

Alright I got up this morning and after doing my daily weigh in I am excited to keep tracking!  It is paying off so I am on here first thing this morning!!!

I am setting a mini weight loss goal of 250 lbs.  I figure if I do small steps maybe I will accomplish them easier.  I still do not have exercise goals yet but that will come in time. I know there is a 5k in Spearfish in about a month.  I should look into that again.

Weight - 261.2 - I was tickled to see this!  My tracking is really helping I think!!!

Today's Food:

Breakfast - 15 pts
  • Cap'n Crunch - 3 cups - 12 pts
  • Skim Milk - 1 1/2 cups - 3 pts
    • I went a little high on breakfast, but not planning on a lot of food throughout the day besides my fruits!
Snack - 0 pts
  • Cherries - 0 pts
  • Kiwi - 0 pts
Lunch - 
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly - 
Snack - 0 pts
  • Cherries - 0 pts
Dinner - 8 pts
  • Cap'n Crunch - 6 pts
  • Skim milk - 2 pts
Snack - 0 pts
  • Fruit - 0 pts

Total Points Allowed - 40 pts
Total Points Used - < 40 pts

Today has been the most perfect day!  I didn't realize how tired I was today.  I took it easy all day.  Napped most of the afternoon and read a book.  I had lots of temptations to eat all day, but I chose fruit whenever I found myself in these moments.  I didn't look up exact points on some stuff, but it's ok because I know I was within my points range!  

Overall this has been one of my best weekend days in a while!  I always struggle with tracking on the weekends so this was a huge step for me.

Talk to you more tomorrow!

~Chat Soon~

Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 4

Here we are again!!!

I didn't get to bed early last night because I am already hooked on another book but I still woke up much more refreshed than mornings past.

Weight - 263.4 - I can deal with this!

I felt really good about all my decisions yesterday.  I am sure I could have made some better choices, but it was still OK!  I had the opportunity today to get Taco John's and I actually looked up how many points the burrito was that I would get and decided that was not one of my best options!  This made me feel great about how I am doing and will continue to do.  It can be so easy to just get it and deal with the consequences later, as I have done this week, but to eliminate that is so much better!

I am using my tools from the Weight Watchers website and their app much more frequently and I think this is helping me a lot! 

Thank you to all who read this and help keep me accountable for my actions.  I really want to succeed at this weight loss and I need everyones help to do this!

Must get to the grocery store today after work and stock up on beer and fruit!!!!  I think the fruit will really help me get through the weekend!!!  I am loving all of these delicious summer fruits! :)

Today's Food:

Breakfast - 12 pts
  • Coffee - 2 pts
  • Tornadoes (2) - 10 pts - I know I shouldn't have had them but they were delicious!
Snack - 0 pts
  • Kiwi - 0 pts - SO DELICIOUS!!!
Lunch - 9 pts
  • Tuna Sandwich - 4 pts
  • Mango - 0 pts
  • 1/4 Quesadilla - 5 pts
Snack - 0 pts
  • Kiwi - 0 pts
Dinner - 2 pts
  • Tilapia - 2 pts
Snack - 0 pts
  • Cherries
Total Points Allowed - 40 pts
Total Points Used - 23 pts

It seems weird that I had WAY LESS points than usual and I am very satisfied tonight!  I kept very busy tonight and so I didn't have any cravings for food!  When I finally was able to sit down and have some dinner, I just wanted a couple of pieces of fish.  

Tomorrow I am excited to go play on a boat.  Sounds like it is supposed to be a beautiful day!  I am off to get some rest and I will keep you informed about my day tomorrow!!!

~Chat Soon~
Coming up: the weekend.  I have always struggled with this time, but I am vowing to do better!!! 

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