Monday, October 3, 2011


October is a special month for me!  

  • My anniversary is October 13th.  This year will be 3 years we have been together.  Still trying to get to Vegas to get married, but that's just a minor detail in a great relationship!
  • This is my 12th month of being on WW, and even though I haven't done as well as I thought I might, I have been more successful in ways I didn't think possible!
    • I have lost and kept off 20+ lbs this past year!
    • I have become more active!
    • I have started new activities, such as cross country skiing!
    • AND, I have gained a new set of friends at my meeting that help me with their support!
  • I accomplished my September goals so now I can move forward to another awesome month.  Really hoping the weather is great again so I can really take advantage of it.
I took my measurements this morning and did my weight.  I actually think the No-Scale Challenge at the beginning of the month wasn't the best choice, but thankfully when I knew my clothes were a little snug I decided to change that and hopped on the scale.  I didn't like what I saw, but it was the truth and so I knew what I needed to do.  I slowed my goals down to just daily ones and tried to accomplish these since thinking about the big picture was just too much for me at the time.  I was able to turn around my weight GAIN and actually ended up losing 4.2 lbs overall.  Mind you I had gained almost 5 lbs at one point this month, so in actuality I lost 9.2 lbs!  

I have lost inches and I can't wait for John to take a picture right now.  I will add it to this blog once I get it on the computer!  I know my body is toning.  I can feel the difference.  I can see the difference.  And, I can tell by how my walks/runs go.  

Yep, I said runs.   Since I have been walking so much lately I have actually felt the desire and the need to run!  This was such an awesome feeling because I really thought I was destined to just walk because I knew I could and could go farther easier doing that.  When I was running before I would get sore then just want to stop doing anything all together so I figured why keep hurting myself and start walking instead so I can keep going all the time.  It has been miraculous for my body and self esteem!  I have increased my walking speed and yet slow down when I need to.  It got me back in to running and I just sprinkle my walks with running right now.  Basically if my body wants to run, I run.  If I run, I usually start with a 5 min warm-up walk then run 1 min walk 1 min for 4 intervals then walk the rest of that mile. From then on I am to the top of the steeper of the hills and so I walk and run and I feel I want to.  Like yesterday in my third mile I just wanted to run.  So, I went at a rather slow pace, 4.8 mph (I am usually at 5.0+) and was able to go for 6.5 minutes without an issue.  I may have gone farther but I had to walk to cross over the cattle guard!  I probably didn't need to keep going though anyways because I could have hurt myself and that would have been a terrible thing to do right before starting my new month!  Anyways, most of my runs have been over 5.0 miles an hour and that makes me feel so good because I have always been right on 5.0 whenever I have run.  I feel that this has a direct correlation with all the walking I am doing!  

My goal of eating better and tracking daily is still a struggle.  I do try to make smarter choices though and when I do I am much more successful!

My October goals are not much different than September.  I have been hemming and hawing about this all week.  
  • Walk/Run 52.4 miles for October.  (this is 2 marathons and to think about it that was is just such an awesome thought)
  • Track at least 4 days a week including 1 weekend day.
  • Blog as necessary.  (Sometimes I am just too busy or don't have much to say so I don't blog!)
  • Run in my walks at least 2 times per week. (Like I said I run when my body wants to right now so I don't want too much of a strict goal for this and then I get discouraged or hurt and quit!)
  • Continue to be as happy and upbeat as I can!
So there it is.  Finally a recording of what I want to do this month...Pretty much the same as last month :)  But that is OK!  At least I can say I did well and why ruin a good thing!  


Sep 1, 2011
Oct 1, 2011
Right Calf
Left Calf
Right Thigh
Left Thigh
Under Boobs
Left Arm
Right Arm
Total Inches Lost This Month!

In both pictures September 1, 2011 is on the left and October 1, 2011 is on the right.
I was very pleased with my one month results and can't wait for the next month!!!!

~Chat Soon~

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