Monday, November 28, 2011

Run! Turkey Run! SUCESS

I ran my first Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day this past week.  My future FIL joined me as well as Molly (my dog [she even made the local news! as well as my legs!  lol]).  We had an absolutely amazing day for it.  The temps were perfect!  There was no wind! and the course was FLAT! 

My goal was to finish in 45 mins or less!  I felt that this was a very realistic goal and I planned on doing it completely with intervals.  One minute run to one minute walk.  I started out doing 4 min run so Molly and I wouldn't get run over!  There were A LOT of people there!  Once we got to where it started to thin out we started our intervals!  I did it so my phone's app would tell me what my speed was for every run I did.  This helped keep me on track for not going too fast.  I thought however, that I was walking at a snail speed even though my miles were coming out about right overall!  I hit the actual 3.1 miles in 41 minutes and crossed the finish line 3.34 miles in 43:32.  We started about a quarter mile from the start line :(  But I know how well I did and that is all that matters!  Also, even though it was farther I still beat my goal of less than 45 mins!  I was really happy to see the breakdown on my phone for the miles too!  All were under 13:30 I believe!  I know the first mile was just over 12 mins!!!  Overall by the Montana Timing Website I finished 1031 out of approximately 1230!  I thought I was in the top 1000 (999) but with all the people that registered on the day of the run I got pushed back to 1031 (which is still awesome!)  Now that I have accomplished this I am ready to look for another one!  I am also thinking about my training this winter and planning the half marathon for next summer...scary thought! 

My Thanksgiving was great!  I didn't really overeat.  I enjoyed all the foods I love and just had everything in moderation.  I didn't make the entire trip about food, however, that can be difficult at times!  I did a little shopping and that helped keep me active and on my feet.  I was pretty sore after pushing hard at the 5k so I took it a little easy.  I am planning on heading to the gym after work today (Monday)!  Ready to start getting some miles in!!!!

I didn't really gain anything over the holidays.  I came home retaining some water, but that was mainly due to the salty snacks we ate on the way home and the pizza we had for dinner.  I was not up to the task of cooking dinner after driving over 4 hours home!  It sure was nice to get home and sleep in my own bed last night.  Well it was another month of maintaining, but I am still so darn tickled that I have lost 25 lbs and kept it off for this past year.  Now on to the next 25 lbs lost!!!!

~Chat Soon~

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