Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Been a little busy

I haven't forgotten about blogging one bit, however I have been enjoying life this summer!  I came to the realization that as much as I want to lose weight and be more fit, I want to still be able to enjoy life.  If that means that I don't always follow the plan to a "T" it's ok and I don't beat myself up for it.  Am I moving more slowly in my progress than I may like, SURE, but I am a happier person when I don't stress about it.  Sometimes you just have to learn how to live and juggle everything.  In the process you realize what is more important at that time though. 

This past week I didn't eat super well.  Healthy that is, trust me the food I did have was DELICIOUS.  I did however, slow down and savour every bite.  I drank too much this past weekend, but hey I had a good time!  Got to cut loose every now and then.  I got to experience the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally for the first time ever!  I will definitely be going back to this yearly I hope!  I just enjoy walking around checking out all of the bikes and people watching!  I didn't even drink over there because I was driving and had to work the next day.  I have lots of pictures to share once I get them uploaded. 

This week so far has been recouperating.  I was so exhausted Monday (only 3 hours of sleep) that I came home early from work and slept for 13 hours!  I stayed up too late last night and didn't sleep well again and so today I am dragging.  Debating whether or not to run/walk tonight.  The weather has been PERFECT, but I am wore out.  We'll see!!

I will get back to my daily blogs here soon!  Need a day or two yet to get back on schedule truly.  I think Zac is going to be coming home very soon.  That will be another challenge I will have to deal with, but it can be done. 

That is all for now!

~Chat Soon~

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