Thursday, September 1, 2011

A new month, A new approach

Today is the first day of September.  Very hard to believe we are going into fall already.  I am going to try a new approach to my weight loss since summer is fading quickly behind us.  I have given up the scale and will walk more.  I will also track more regularly. 

My goal for the month of September is to walk 50 miles.  As of today I am very nervous.  That is an ambitious goal, but I feel confident.  If I can be above 40 I will be very pleased with myself.  Will of course have to see what the weather does because this will be a factor in my walks.  I don't mind the swinging temps, but would prefer to be not walking in the rain and other inclement weather!  I am not walking tonight as of right now.  I am very sore from the last two days of walking basically 7 miles!  I need a day to recuperate my hip and then get back to it.  If for some reason I feel the need to walk tonight, mostly because Molly will drive me crazy, I will only do a short slower paced walk.

I took my weight this morning and all of my measurements.  Since I last did measurements I recorded in April I have actually gained 8.25 inches.  I was kind of surprised by some of the numbers!  At least now I know what I am working with at the moment and I know how to change it, so time to get to work!

I feeling very positive about this month.  I even took photos so I have something to compare at the the end of the month.  I will share before and after photos then!  I even put on a pair of jeans that were a size smaller so I have those to compare also!  I know I can do this, I just need to focus and get it done.  This month I also have another 5k scheduled.  It is a walking one, but I may try to run part of it.  By the time it happens I will have been working with this app for a month and should be a little more conditioned again! 

Here is to an awesome month of September!  I will keep you posted along the way.

~Chat Soon~

(as of this morning)
  • Calf - Left - 17.5
  • Calf - Right - 18.25
  • Thigh - Left - 28.75
  • Thigh - Right - 29.75
  • Hips - 55.5
  • Waist - 46.5
  • Under boobs - 44
  • Boobs - 46
  • Neck - 14.25
  • Arm - Left - 17
  • Arm - Right - 17.25
  • Weight - 260.6

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