Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Almost to the end...sort of :)

It's been two weeks since I last updated and a lot has changed since then. 

I am not feeling so negative and I am exercising more.  Hmmm maybe I should have just been exercising all along and I would never have gotten so depressed!  Just a thought!

I have gone back over my previous blogs to see what has changed, what has been good, how I can improve and what still needs to change.
  • Goal #1 Walk 50 miles in the month of September.
    • I will have this achieved no problem. 
      • I was slow to get started early in the month, but then I did the 5k I planned on doing and I just got better from there!  Now I can't seem to stop no matter what my mood is.
      • I have also gotten faster overall too! 
      • I started running a little with it, as my body wants to and I noticed I am running at a faster pace than before, however my legs really ache for the mile following the runs I did.  Usually if I keep walking I can walk away most of the pain though.  Still improving! 
        • I really couldn't believe that I was actually running at a faster pace though...that was a big surprise for me.  I have always run at the same pace before but with all the walking I must be getting more conditioning! 
      • Most days I try to get the full 3.4 miles in. 
        • Depends on how I feel and how late it is though. 
        • I have decided on the weekends I just have to get up and walk and then do whatever else I need to do.  This works best because then there is no excuse for why I am not getting in my exercise over the weekend!
  • Goal #2 Measurements
    • I will take these on either Friday or Saturday and see how I am coming.  But they will get done! 
  • Goal #3 Photos
    • I took a preliminary photo last night to compare and I was very pleased with my walking results!  Can't wait to take the next official photo either Friday or Saturday!
  • Goal #4 Happiness (wasn't really stated but it's always the underlying goal I have)
    • Well I have had my ups and downs this month, but I feel amazing right now.  I feel successful because I am working out regularly and my weigh ins have been in the right direction.
  • Goal #5 Plan Meals
    • Doing better!  Trying to plan a budget better so planning meals really helps.  It has also helped me to create more me time because I am not always having to prepare meals daily!
  • Goal #6 Make time for ME
    • I am doing much better with this!  I plan daily walks and have also started a hand written journal.  I also started a binder with recipes and articles that help me get better and more successful! 
I am still struggling with:
  • Tracking
    • Still don't like to
  • Meal Planning
    • Doing better, but still a struggle!  I know it takes time and I can do this!
I'm sure there are other struggles too, but these are the worst!  And even some of my successes above have struggles that go along with them.  However, I am moving forward!!!! 

Since my last blog I have really taken my advice and doing a lot more "CAN" rather than "can't"!  This makes me feel so good about my goal setting! 

I will work on my October goals over the next few days and share them with you.  Also expect to see my new measurements and photo comparison!

Once again if you have any suggestions to help me keep improving please share!  I value any and all ideas!

~Chat Soon~

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