Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What plan?!

This has not been one of my best months after creating a plan.
  • John and I have been carpooling. 
    • So, every time I think I have time to walk after work and before he is done he is done "sort of early"
      • but I could have still made at least one lap :( 
    • Also by the time we get home the sun goes down so quickly and I have so much to do! :(
  • I haven't been tracking.
    • Because I don't like to.
    • I forget.
    • Don't always check the points value.
  • Sometimes I just don't want to do it.
    • Not a good attitude I know, but that is how I feel. 
    • I need to focus and get back on track at least 85% but for some reason I am fighting against it with more energy than it would take to just do it!
  • I feel like I am going all the time.
    • At least every weekend I have something that needs to be done, or that I want to do.  Even if it's just to watch football.
      • I know I should do other exercises while watching football, but this has never been my style.  But I could change that!  I would just have to do it!
    • Sometimes I just need to make time for me and do what is best for me. 
      • This may mean I stop carpooling with John so I can go to they gym again first thing in the morning. 
        • However, if we do this then we would be paying more in gas and then I would have gym fees as well! :(  See how it sometimes makes it difficult to make things work. (No matter how bad you want it to work!)
      • I had every intention before I took Zac with me to Colorado to run/walk while I was down there.  (I wanted to say I ran in another state this year!) But with him there I didn't feel like it. 
  • I want to plan meals to help me better prepare week to week.
    • This takes so much work and every time I start to do it I always find something more appealing to do instead.
My goals for this next week...nothing too much because I really hate setting the bar too high!
  • Exercise
    • 4 days
    • Crunches (50)/push-ups (20) during football.
      • They don't have to be all at once though! 
  • Plan meals
    • 4 days with leftovers on the other days.
  • Track meals
    • 4 days with one of those being on the weekend for sure.
  • Make time for me. 
    • Maybe start a hand written journal and just reflect in it.
    • Sometimes this is just me laying down with my Kindle and enjoying a good book to though and I try to do this nightly.
There, that should get me started for this week.  My week starts right now!  If I can meet or exceed these goals I will be happy and hopefully it will help my waistline as well.  I know my weight is an issue because of not following these simple things.

I do have a 5k scheduled for Friday after work.  I don't plan on running all of it and maybe who knows, I may not run at all, but I know I will complete it and love every minute of it!

~Chat Soon~

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