Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cool fall day

Today it is still considered summer, but you wouldn't know it to walk outside!  The sun is shining so beautifully but as I write this it is only 56 degrees outside!  

Ever since I pushed so hard earlier this week to make my August mileage goal I have been quite sore.  I did put my walking shoes on yesterday though and it helped my foot feel better.  They must have better support and so I was able to get my first september walk in.  John went with me and we only got 1.7 miles in, but that was better than nothing!  We walked at a nice easy pace.  With me being sore and he has  had a sore knee this was our best move.  Better to get the miles in rather than push super hard and not be able to go the next day.  

So far today I haven't been out to walk, but I will be getting it in for sure.  I also plan on getting my yard mowed, for the first time in a month!  It will take some effort that is for sure, but once again that is exercise too!  I did get the dishes done and am working on cleaning the house up a little.  Today is a perfect day to just get stuff done!  

I did struggle with the scale this was taunting me to step on it, BUT I DIDN'T!!!  :)  I knew I didn't need to so I didn't!  I have done "ok" on tracking, but I need to put down last nights food/drinks and what I have had today so far.

Well I hear my neighbor mowing so I better get to it!!!  

~Chat Soon~

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