Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Almost to the end...sort of :)

It's been two weeks since I last updated and a lot has changed since then. 

I am not feeling so negative and I am exercising more.  Hmmm maybe I should have just been exercising all along and I would never have gotten so depressed!  Just a thought!

I have gone back over my previous blogs to see what has changed, what has been good, how I can improve and what still needs to change.
  • Goal #1 Walk 50 miles in the month of September.
    • I will have this achieved no problem. 
      • I was slow to get started early in the month, but then I did the 5k I planned on doing and I just got better from there!  Now I can't seem to stop no matter what my mood is.
      • I have also gotten faster overall too! 
      • I started running a little with it, as my body wants to and I noticed I am running at a faster pace than before, however my legs really ache for the mile following the runs I did.  Usually if I keep walking I can walk away most of the pain though.  Still improving! 
        • I really couldn't believe that I was actually running at a faster pace though...that was a big surprise for me.  I have always run at the same pace before but with all the walking I must be getting more conditioning! 
      • Most days I try to get the full 3.4 miles in. 
        • Depends on how I feel and how late it is though. 
        • I have decided on the weekends I just have to get up and walk and then do whatever else I need to do.  This works best because then there is no excuse for why I am not getting in my exercise over the weekend!
  • Goal #2 Measurements
    • I will take these on either Friday or Saturday and see how I am coming.  But they will get done! 
  • Goal #3 Photos
    • I took a preliminary photo last night to compare and I was very pleased with my walking results!  Can't wait to take the next official photo either Friday or Saturday!
  • Goal #4 Happiness (wasn't really stated but it's always the underlying goal I have)
    • Well I have had my ups and downs this month, but I feel amazing right now.  I feel successful because I am working out regularly and my weigh ins have been in the right direction.
  • Goal #5 Plan Meals
    • Doing better!  Trying to plan a budget better so planning meals really helps.  It has also helped me to create more me time because I am not always having to prepare meals daily!
  • Goal #6 Make time for ME
    • I am doing much better with this!  I plan daily walks and have also started a hand written journal.  I also started a binder with recipes and articles that help me get better and more successful! 
I am still struggling with:
  • Tracking
    • Still don't like to
  • Meal Planning
    • Doing better, but still a struggle!  I know it takes time and I can do this!
I'm sure there are other struggles too, but these are the worst!  And even some of my successes above have struggles that go along with them.  However, I am moving forward!!!! 

Since my last blog I have really taken my advice and doing a lot more "CAN" rather than "can't"!  This makes me feel so good about my goal setting! 

I will work on my October goals over the next few days and share them with you.  Also expect to see my new measurements and photo comparison!

Once again if you have any suggestions to help me keep improving please share!  I value any and all ideas!

~Chat Soon~

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Today I did my weekly weigh in at my WW meeting.  I haven't been this high in so long and it is trying to send me on a spiral downward. 

My goal for this day, yes one day at a time right now, is:
  • to track my food
  • eat better
  • 30 mins of activity (which will probably be cleaning the house)
I bought a journal and a 3 ring binder today (so I can keep all my recipes or motivational articles in one place).  I still plan on blogging but I thought maybe the journal would help get the thoughts out of my head as they happen, rather than waiting to write an entire blog.  Also, I could add recipes I come across or good websites to check out.  It will be a resource as well.

I titled this blog "CAN" because that is what I need to think right now.
  • I CAN be happy.
  • I CAN track.
  • I CAN check points plus values on food.
  • I CAN get exercise in regularly.
  • I CAN make time for me.
  • I CAN make time for my family.
I am sure there are more and I will work on adding to this list as I think of them.  Right now I need to focus my energy and the positives in my life and learn how to deal with the negatives better.  I really have no idea how to do this, but I know I HAVE TO TRY!

Life is definitely not easy and right now I feel like I am failing, but I am DETERMINED as well to NOT GIVE UP.  I can't let these negative feelings win.  I need to find my happy self.  The one that loves her body no matter what a scale says.  I need to feel successful again and right now I have been fighting with it a lot. 

I have been getting really good at faking it and that IS NOT WORKING!  I must change this. 
  • Scratch that - I CAN CHANGE THIS
    • I don't know how exactly yet, but I am starting with today and will take it one day at a time!
Thank you for taking the time to read this and help me with this journey.  Even just knowing it is getting read and that I am sharing my feelings helps me too!

If you have any suggestions to try I welcome ideas.  I will keep you posted on my progress.

~Chat Soon~

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What plan?!

This has not been one of my best months after creating a plan.
  • John and I have been carpooling. 
    • So, every time I think I have time to walk after work and before he is done he is done "sort of early"
      • but I could have still made at least one lap :( 
    • Also by the time we get home the sun goes down so quickly and I have so much to do! :(
  • I haven't been tracking.
    • Because I don't like to.
    • I forget.
    • Don't always check the points value.
  • Sometimes I just don't want to do it.
    • Not a good attitude I know, but that is how I feel. 
    • I need to focus and get back on track at least 85% but for some reason I am fighting against it with more energy than it would take to just do it!
  • I feel like I am going all the time.
    • At least every weekend I have something that needs to be done, or that I want to do.  Even if it's just to watch football.
      • I know I should do other exercises while watching football, but this has never been my style.  But I could change that!  I would just have to do it!
    • Sometimes I just need to make time for me and do what is best for me. 
      • This may mean I stop carpooling with John so I can go to they gym again first thing in the morning. 
        • However, if we do this then we would be paying more in gas and then I would have gym fees as well! :(  See how it sometimes makes it difficult to make things work. (No matter how bad you want it to work!)
      • I had every intention before I took Zac with me to Colorado to run/walk while I was down there.  (I wanted to say I ran in another state this year!) But with him there I didn't feel like it. 
  • I want to plan meals to help me better prepare week to week.
    • This takes so much work and every time I start to do it I always find something more appealing to do instead.
My goals for this next week...nothing too much because I really hate setting the bar too high!
  • Exercise
    • 4 days
    • Crunches (50)/push-ups (20) during football.
      • They don't have to be all at once though! 
  • Plan meals
    • 4 days with leftovers on the other days.
  • Track meals
    • 4 days with one of those being on the weekend for sure.
  • Make time for me. 
    • Maybe start a hand written journal and just reflect in it.
    • Sometimes this is just me laying down with my Kindle and enjoying a good book to though and I try to do this nightly.
There, that should get me started for this week.  My week starts right now!  If I can meet or exceed these goals I will be happy and hopefully it will help my waistline as well.  I know my weight is an issue because of not following these simple things.

I do have a 5k scheduled for Friday after work.  I don't plan on running all of it and maybe who knows, I may not run at all, but I know I will complete it and love every minute of it!

~Chat Soon~

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cool fall day

Today it is still considered summer, but you wouldn't know it to walk outside!  The sun is shining so beautifully but as I write this it is only 56 degrees outside!  

Ever since I pushed so hard earlier this week to make my August mileage goal I have been quite sore.  I did put my walking shoes on yesterday though and it helped my foot feel better.  They must have better support and so I was able to get my first september walk in.  John went with me and we only got 1.7 miles in, but that was better than nothing!  We walked at a nice easy pace.  With me being sore and he has  had a sore knee this was our best move.  Better to get the miles in rather than push super hard and not be able to go the next day.  

So far today I haven't been out to walk, but I will be getting it in for sure.  I also plan on getting my yard mowed, for the first time in a month!  It will take some effort that is for sure, but once again that is exercise too!  I did get the dishes done and am working on cleaning the house up a little.  Today is a perfect day to just get stuff done!  

I did struggle with the scale this was taunting me to step on it, BUT I DIDN'T!!!  :)  I knew I didn't need to so I didn't!  I have done "ok" on tracking, but I need to put down last nights food/drinks and what I have had today so far.

Well I hear my neighbor mowing so I better get to it!!!  

~Chat Soon~

Thursday, September 1, 2011

A new month, A new approach

Today is the first day of September.  Very hard to believe we are going into fall already.  I am going to try a new approach to my weight loss since summer is fading quickly behind us.  I have given up the scale and will walk more.  I will also track more regularly. 

My goal for the month of September is to walk 50 miles.  As of today I am very nervous.  That is an ambitious goal, but I feel confident.  If I can be above 40 I will be very pleased with myself.  Will of course have to see what the weather does because this will be a factor in my walks.  I don't mind the swinging temps, but would prefer to be not walking in the rain and other inclement weather!  I am not walking tonight as of right now.  I am very sore from the last two days of walking basically 7 miles!  I need a day to recuperate my hip and then get back to it.  If for some reason I feel the need to walk tonight, mostly because Molly will drive me crazy, I will only do a short slower paced walk.

I took my weight this morning and all of my measurements.  Since I last did measurements I recorded in April I have actually gained 8.25 inches.  I was kind of surprised by some of the numbers!  At least now I know what I am working with at the moment and I know how to change it, so time to get to work!

I feeling very positive about this month.  I even took photos so I have something to compare at the the end of the month.  I will share before and after photos then!  I even put on a pair of jeans that were a size smaller so I have those to compare also!  I know I can do this, I just need to focus and get it done.  This month I also have another 5k scheduled.  It is a walking one, but I may try to run part of it.  By the time it happens I will have been working with this app for a month and should be a little more conditioned again! 

Here is to an awesome month of September!  I will keep you posted along the way.

~Chat Soon~

(as of this morning)
  • Calf - Left - 17.5
  • Calf - Right - 18.25
  • Thigh - Left - 28.75
  • Thigh - Right - 29.75
  • Hips - 55.5
  • Waist - 46.5
  • Under boobs - 44
  • Boobs - 46
  • Neck - 14.25
  • Arm - Left - 17
  • Arm - Right - 17.25
  • Weight - 260.6

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