Monday, February 13, 2012

Mid month...Already?!?!

Hard to believe that is basically the middle of February already!  Time flies faster and faster each year.  

I have been doing well on my exercising.  I am sure I could be more dedicated and do even more, but I am pleased and not overwhelmed with what I am doing.  I have completed every day of Fab Abs so far doing each day three times.  Last night was the hardest day of all, but I had just ate dinner and that was probably a big mistake and I was also just plain physically tired after spending the entire weekend at the trade show.  I didn't use it as an excuse though and still muscled through!  Today I have a 30 min run/walk scheduled along with kettle balls and fab abs.  

I had actually paused while writing this and had gone to the Rec Center and did my 30 min run/walk!  It took 41 mins and we went about 2.9 miles.  I also got kettleballs done and will do Fab Abs later tonight.  

I am noticing the differences with the stuff I am doing.  I tried on my dress yesterday and without even sucking in my gut it is starting to look better!  YAY two weeks and already seeing the difference.  I can't wait until the end of the month when I can compare measurements.  So far I haven't lost any weight, but I haven't gained either!  It will come off in time and I am OK with that.  

Right now I am just so impressed with how far I have come in a year.  Friday I had a 3 mile training run and I did it with no problem.  I thought for sure I would be really sore and I wasn't.  I even increased the speed every 10 mins or 5 intervals.  I started at 5.3 mph run and finished the last two intervals at 6.0 mph!  I couldn't believe I could run at 6.0 mph and I did the last interval for 90 secs because I wanted to finish the mile I was on!  I probably could have even gone for another 30 secs!  It was such an amazing feeling!  It took me 39:20 to do the full 3 miles, which was 3:40 faster than I had planned!  This Friday I have a 4 mile run scheduled.  I am nervous yet I know I will rock it!  This will be my farthest distance yet.  This past week the total I went was 3.7 miles with my warm-up/cool down. 

A year ago I couldn't even imagine running 3 miles really and this year I am pushing for 6.2 currently.  I can run 3 for the most part without any problems.  Sure I still do intervals but that's OK.  I will get better in time and increase my running times and shorten my walks, but it's better for my joints to do the intervals and if I want to keep doing this I better keep them happy!  I also couldn't have even thought about running at any speed greater than 5.0 mph last year...EVER!  and this year I start at 5.3 and can actually increase speed too!  I know I am not fast and will never be fast, however, I am moving and that is better than some can say! 

Tonight my fab abs will consist of 45 crunches, 10 push ups and 35 sec planks...all done 3 times!  I think tonight will be better than last night! that I know how food affects me also I will be more aware!

I almost's ONLY 67 days until the wedding!!!!  

~Chat Soon~

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