Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Who knew?

If someone would have told me a week ago to do a 25 second plank I could have barely done one and only two if I absolutely had to.  Well yesterday I did three of them.  One in each set of my Fab Abs workout and they weren't even hard!  I am only mentioning this for anyone still not convinced to try to Fab Abs Challenge.  It really isn't too late to is NEVER TOO LATE TO START!  Always remember that! 

Today I hit the gym and rocked the treadmill.  My running partner played a little bball so I chose the treadmill to see if it would help me focus and not come up with excuses as to why I wouldn't have to do all 30 mins of the run today.  It worked.  I did 31 minutes actually and felt like I could have easily done a few more minutes.  I even started increasing the speed on the run intervals for the last third of the run sets.  My heart rate was quite steady before increasing so I thought I needed a little more challenge!  The only issue I was really having was my breathing but that is because of my sinus infection that refuses to go away!  I also think it caused me a little dizziness afterwards, but that finally went away also.  All in all I got to 2.8 miles including my warm-up and cool down in 41 mins.  Friday I am supposed to do 3 miles plus warm-up and cool down!  So basically a total of a half a mile farther!  I can do that I think.

After running we did the kettleball exercises I have been doing and the tonight I will do Fab Abs again!  I feel as though I am making progress and it's only been a week!  I am trying to watch my eating and it's not been terrible!  Almost actually good :)  I can do this if I just stay focused on the goal!  I need to post a picture of me in my dress so you can see the before.  I will work on that soon.  I do have it taken though :)

That is all for now, so until then...

~Chat Soon~


  1. you go girl! hang in there you are inspiring me do get with my plan again and dump some of this waste on my waist!

    1. Thanks! It is tough work to get rid of the mid section! You can do it though :) I really am believing in this Fab Abs Challenge. I can't wait to see the results with the tape measure after the month is up...however I am not stopping there!!! Keep me posted on how you're doing! Let me know if I can help in any way :)


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