Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Right Choice?

Yesterday I chose to cancel my Weight Watchers membership.  I felt like such a failure as I did it, but WHY?  I wasn't using it as I should and I was more of a financial failure for continuing to pay for something I just MAY use.  Today I still feel like I may have made the wrong the choice, but I think I am starting to feel as though I didn't also.  I have been maintaining for months now while I half-ass my WW lifestyle.  If I want to do it at anytime I know I have all the resources to do it and I can join again as well.  But until then I think I will just choose to make better food choices and exercise more and see where that gets me.

I adjusted my running schedule this week so it doesn't fall on the weekends.  I have found that for the past two weeks that as much as I want to go out and get it in, I probably won't because there is always some excuse as to why I shouldn't.  So now I have it set for me to run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for sure.  With walking or cross-training on Tuesday and Thursday. 

I am still following the Fab Abs February challenge everyday but Sunday, that is a rest day.  I can tell that it is helping and I am getting better with all the moves.  I think tonight I have to up the time on the planks for the first time since Friday or Saturday.  I did notice that last night that I could probably do the 25 second planks, they would just be a little tougher!

Last night I bought some chicken breasts and they didn't have any added water and they had all the fat trimmed off.  It was the best chicken breast I have had in a long time!  I used my Mojito Lime seasoning from Costco and baked them with a little olive oil.  I then sliced it up thinly and put it over a bed of salad with a little cheese and a small baked potato on the side.  It was so delicious.  I was really proud of all my food choices yesterday.  For lunch I chose Subway and even though I ate the whole Footlong sub I didn't have anything else all day besides my coffee.  Now I just need to work on my water intake.
Overall I would say I feel like I am doing well.  I feel a little stressed about the wedding, but I know that will come together in time.  I got the entertainment officially this weekend.  Almost lost the date to another bride, but he called me and just said I had to send him some sort of a deposit, which I had and did!  I was happy to know that I will have my casino games for sure.  We found out some family from Ohio will for sure be coming and still hoping my mom can make it as well.  I also set up the hotel for the night of the wedding.  All of these kind of big events have made me really realize how close we really are!  At the same time it really makes me nervous that there won't be enough time.  I just figure at this point it will be whatever it is and I can only do so much this way!  I still have a few projects to get stuff for and I may have to push back craft day because of it.  It will happen and still in plenty of time!

~Chat Soon~


  1. Keep up the good work, lady! You're doing really well!!! Just take it a day at a time. :)

    1. Thank you Kristina! I feel like I got this under control again! Feels good to be headed in the right direction again instead of at a stand still!!!

    2. Thanks! I am definitely following your advice! We can't beat ourselves up over the day before and what we may not have done as well. All we can do is do the best we can on the current day! I am really trying to focus on this and so far it seems to be working!


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