Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Driving the day away

It feels like all I did today was DRIVE!  I went to work this morning at 6am, then left at 8:15 to take Zac to Moorcroft for a psych eval.  We got back to Gillette at 11am then went to my WW meeting at 11:30, back to work around 1pm then left work at a little after 5pm.  Went to a house to take pics for my boss then finally home!  Total driven was 160 miles!

I didn't get in any exercise again.  I am going to work better at planning this into my schedule better this week.  It was cold and damp all day, so I didn't really want to be outside.  Now that I am finally home I am exhausted and I am crashing in bed.

I had great success today at my meeting.  I lost 3 more pounds and that brought my total to 28.6 and I achieved my first 10% goal!  My next goal is to get to 42 lbs lost.  That will be 15%.  Got to take it one step at a time!

Well I am off to bed so I will try to share more tomorrow.

~Chat Soon~

I just realized as I added my weight loss ticker that I have finally gotten below 40 for my BMI!!!  That is another great health benefit!

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