Sunday, April 17, 2011

Good Life

No matter how many struggles seem to come my way and how frustrated I get with life, I still have a great one.  This weekend is my birthday weekend.  My birthday isn't until tomorrow, but I have been enjoying every day as much as possible.  I even got to see John!  That helps make everything better :)

Friday night I went out and partied with the wonderful people of Pine Haven.  This town is so much fun!!  After a great night of partying I woke up to a beautiful Saturday.  I wasn't feeling so hot at first, but I finally got around and went out for a run/walk.  I made it a mile running then walked the last 2 miles.  It took me about an hour, but I was just enjoying the sunshine and breeze.  I actually had my sweatshirt off because it was too warm while I was running.  I wanted to do more running, but my body really wasn't feeling it and Molly went too hard too fast so she seemed happy when I slowed down.  I came back home and just relaxed until I had to get ready for John to be home!  I was so happy when he walked through the door.  We went down to the bar for dinner and enjoyed a couple of drinks.  It was nice because by the time we got down there everything was winding down.  Apparently it was really crazy in both bars all day!  This morning I woke up hoping it would be as nice as yesterday, but I was disappointed because it was raining. Maybe it's just trying to make me clean the house!  I need to start washing windows. So today would be a good day to try.

I made biscuits and gravy for John this morning and planning on steak dinner this afternoon.  I think I have ideas for the week for dinner, which is good because it should be another busy one.  

Trying to decide what to do Friday, whether to work or not.  I also thought about going in and lining out the guys and then coming back home.  I will maybe wait and see what is happening with John's job this week.  He is feeling a layoff coming soon, but may just have to take it sooner than they say if they can't get overtime in any longer.  it's the only way he makes any money down there.

I had a great moment of success yesterday morning.  I put on my new jeans I bought like a month ago!  They fit!  Not super great, but they do fit and so I decided to try on my wedding dress to see how loose it was now.  I can spin it all the way around on me.  If it didn't have the ridging for shaping the breast section on the dress it wouldn't have any shape at all.  I can easily pinch an inch in that area that would need to be taken in as of right now.  I also can easily pinch and inch on the sides as well!  It was so very exciting.  I look forward to trying to find the next dress I will need.  I kind of hope I can still get this style, but if not I will just have to find something cuter.  I did have a couple of others I really loved that were not available in my size before.  Maybe by the time I need a new dress they will be!  

Well that is all for now.  I have to go spend every moment possible with my honey before he leaves for at least another week :(  

~Chat Soon~

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