Saturday, April 9, 2011


Tomorrow I need to focus and get my butt moving.  

Yesterday I didn't get out and do any kind of workout.  I had planned on giving myself the day off so it was OK.  However, I didn't get anything in today either :(  I had a case of the "feel bads" from a night of partying last night.  I needed the party, but the hangover sucked!  If I hadn't planned on going to the Cam-Plex garage sale today I would have slept in and that may have helped me feel better.  We went and only found a couple of small treasures.  It didn't help that there were so many people and I didn't feel well so I didn't want to really look into every ones stuff.  We came home and I napped for about 4 hours.  That really seemed to help.  I did a little cleaning on the house, but I have quite a bit more to do.  I hope to do a lot more tomorrow and also exercise.  I need to get some running in.  My goal is to go all the way around the loop on the Coulter Bay side of the lake.  It is over over 2 miles, maybe 3.  That would be perfect for me.

I have done well not snacking much tonight, but it hasn't been easy!  What can I say, when I chill watching TV I want to snack.  I did eat tortellini today with asparagus, but that is all I have really had since lunch yesterday.  I needed to fuel up a little!  Tomorrow my plan is to make Zac's birthday cake.  I have decided on a lemon cake with a lemon cream filling and homemade chocolate butter cream frosting!  I think it will be really delicious :)  I wish John could be home to share with us, but he won't be back until Friday or Saturday night.  Of course we will save him plenty of cake!  

I really can not wait to see him.  I don't like when he is gone for so long, but what do you do.  That is where the work is right now.  At least he will be here to help me celebrate my birthday weekend, not my actual birthday which is on Monday, but that's OK.

Well I think I will hop off of here and see about a little cleaning or maybe just relaxing a little more.  Could just start a list to keep me focused on what exactly I want to get done tomorrow!  That does seem to help.  

~Chat Soon~

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