Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Breaking through the barrier!

Today at Weight Watchers I made the commitment to myself that I will not give into the negative thinking that sometimes clouds my thoughts!  If I make mistakes I will just move on.  Why wait for positive to come to me when it is inside me.  :)

I did my weekly weigh in today.  At home I had lost 2 for the week, but by the scales at WW I was only down 1.  Not a big deal.  I am happy though because my scale is finally saying again what it said right before Christmas.  I will move forward from here and do well!  Maybe not every day or week, but I will!!!

Tonights workout is Just Dance2.  I like it because it takes coordination and I use my ams a lot.  Sometimes I don't do so well with working my arms so this really helps.  I did find a workout using kettleballs today that I really want to try.  I will have to plan more time at the gym or go more than once (this may be the best option for my schedule).  I am looking forward to my run in the morning.  This should be my last day on C25K W3!  I am so excited to have made it this far :) I feel like I am doing really well and look forward to the day I can run the full 5K.  The last time I did that was almost 6 years ago!!!!!

My goal is to sign up for the races this year.  As soon as I know when they are I plan on getting my application in!  I really want to have something to work towards that is closer than the end result.  If I look too far out I feel that it will just take too much time and I will get discouraged and not want to keep going because it takes so long. (But discouraged is a word that does not fit into my positive thinking!)

Today I had coffee for breakfast (I know, not the best choice, but only 2 points!)  For lunch I had my turkey wrap and baked lays (total points for this meal is 10 points)  Then for dinner I had homemade country fried steak with mashed potatoes and gravy (total points for this meal is 24)  Total for the day was 36 and I have 43 points daily.  I don't feel like I needed anything more :)  I know that I should not have ate as much for dinner, but I was hungry and I didn't overeat either!  I prepped sausage for baked pasta one of these nights and want to still make tacos...that is what I had planned for tonight, but John really wanted Country Fried Steak.  He works hard and I like to please him.  I was only going to eat half a steak and not much potatoes, but I realized how hungry I was. 

Well if I am going to get my Just Dance 2 in tonight, I better get on it :)  Looking forward to my next post :)

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