Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Thoughts of the day

Today has been a great day!  I did pretty well with my food choices!  I got two workouts in! AND I FEEL GREAT!!!! 

I find it easiest to do my runs first thing in the morning, however, sometimes I wake up stiff and it takes longer to get moving.  I keep at it and get it done, but I don't feel like I get and give 100% on those days.  Today was one of those.  I did my run and felt positive about it, just wish I could have done a little better....there is always Thursday.  I was the same way with Just Dance tonight as well.  I am pleased that I did it, but I didn't feel very ambitious.  Hopefully tomorrow I have a little more energy and I can kick some butt.  Tomorrow is not a running day this week though :)  

Supposed to have my weigh in tomorrow, but we will have to see how the weather is.  If not good I do not plan on going in to town.  We live too far from Gillette to travel in the bad weather.  I do check my weight every morning.  I know they say not to do that, but I find it helps me watch the ups and downs.  I see what I can improve immediately!  And then on Wednesday I get the final say at my Weight Watchers meeting :)

I find that when I am at work I do really well following everything I am supposed to do.  I eat my planned food and drink LOTS of water.  I get home though or have a day off and I don't drink much water and struggle with temptation.  I try to keep very tempting snacks of John's hidden in random cupboards I don't normally use.  This seems to help...out of sight, out of mind.

I have been trying to be much better about chocolate consumption.  I have to have it when craving due to that time, but if I have some I do better than trying to have none.  Then it is all I can think about and I end up have WAY too much.

My scale is slowly becoming a way of life in my kitchen.  I use it daily to weigh out single portions of chips and if we have tacos I use it to weigh out portions of meat and cheese.  I have been shocked at times how much a 1/4 cup of cheese actually is.  When you weigh it out you get a decent amount for a couple of tacos or a taco salad.  Makes me happy when I see little things like that and not feel like I am restricting myself.

I don't always see results on the scale and because of that I have taken measurements.  I check these once a week and see how I am progressing.  Running has always been to help me tone.  I may start biking again when the weather gets nice too!  I would love to check out a mountain bike trail at Cook Lake this summer.  It's a little tiny lake nestled in the Wyoming Black Hills...only about 30 mins from here I bet!  However, that means I need to finish fixing the brakes on my bike before then!!!  Probably should start riding at the gym too.  

I have thought about spinning class again too, but we will see.  I think one thing at a time right now.  I start doing too much and then I get overwhelmed.  I like to feel like I get plenty of free time too!  I have a 45 - 60 min drive each way to and from work.  That is a lot of wasted time.  I try to keep the thoughts flowing though!  I plan on dinner and what I need to do around the house.  Do I need to stop at the grocery store?  What do we need?  I also do this all day at work and my planner sits right next to me so I can create my grocery list right on the day.  This helps with my organization.  

Well I have rambled on a little tonight, but I have a lot on my mind.  Hopefully as this blog continues I can start to focus my thoughts a little more and get it better organized :)

Looking forward to a great day tomorrow.  Getting to bed at the right time helps!!!!  

Chat with you soon! :)

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