Monday, January 31, 2011

Trying new activities!

I haven't forgotten about writing, but I just have not spent much time at the computer this past weekend.  

Friday morning I did C25K was actually easy for me!  I felt like I was truly ready to start week 5!  Friday night we went out for drinks at the local bar.  Lot's of fun!  

Saturday I got out around 8am and drove 90 mins to Rapid City, SD.  They have a Play it Again Sports there and I was going to look at a used pair of cross country skis.  When I got there I checked them out, but then looked at all the other deals they had as well.  All of their cross country gear was 50% off!!!!!  So, I decided to get NEW skis, bindings, boots and a pair of used poles.  I got everything for $135.  A steal!!!!  I was able to get back to Pine Haven early enough to test them out for a trial run.  They were challenging, but not too hard :)  I need to find a new pair of insoles though.  I believe that will help my flat feet.  As it is right now I can't go too far without my feet hurting.

Sunday, we drove over to Sundance, WY.  There is a trailhead there, Carson Draw, about 3 miles out in the forest.  Not hard to find!  Very pretty nestled in the Black Hills.  I didn't go too far, but I did run into 4 other people cross country skiing that were from Rapid City.  They were very friendly and offered some great words of advice.  I tried it and it really did help!  I only skied a short bit farther after they were headed back to the trailhead.  I didn't want to go too far and there were some intense hills coming up, both down and up!  So I turned around and skied back to where they were at and walked down with one of the ladies. It was a little steep for both of us!  Overall it was a great trip out and back.  Even if it wasn't very long :)  Afterwards, we drove back to Pine Haven and stopped off at the bar for drinks and lunch (this turned into a night of beers!)  Probably not the healthiest of options, but it was fun and good to be social!

This morning I was supposed to go to work, but due to weather conditions my boss cancelled the day.  Now my goal is to get the house all cleaned and maybe do a little Just Dance2.  If it wasn't so cold and my skis were here I could have gone skiing here on the local course!  I got the details to that yesterday as well.  Hopefully as it warms up later this week I can get down there.  Today the high is supposed to be 0 and tomorrow I hear even colder. That of course is not even factoring in the wind chill!

Well I guess I did have a lot to say today to catch up!  May actually write more later.  It really is therapeutic!  I love knowing that people read it, but at the same time I love knowing that I can let my thoughts flow.  It really has made me more relaxed lately!

Stay warm and dry wherever you are!

~Chat soon!!

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  1. Funny thing - Just realized my entire blog as all about exercise and no food! I will try and post more about that later.


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