Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hard work is starting to pay off!!!

Weighed in today...dropped 3.6 lbs!

So since it is starting to go goes it...I started at 283.6 lbs :(  but I have lost 12.8 lbs!!!!!!  Right now I am at 270.8 :)  I have been nervous to say all of this, but I feel it is time!  I felt the need to share to help hold myself accountable!  The more I can share and open up about the more I can change!  Got to move forward and this is one of the first steps :)

I went to the gym again this morning, once my clothes were did C25K W4D3...not as easy as Monday's run, but I didn't have a day off before it either.  I still did well, but I could feel all the snow shoveling I did the night before.  I am taking it easy tonight because my body is so sore.  I plan on going in tomorrow and doing kettle balls again and then one more run for week 4 on Friday.  I am scared of week 5, but I believe I will be ready to go on Monday morning.

Today at our Weight Watchers meeting they were talking all about exercising and trying new things.  Next month Pine Haven is having a winter event that include cross country skiing.  I have done this when I was a kid just a little and now I think I want to participate.  I am working on finding some skis now so I can get a little practice in before then.  The race is only a mile so I feel that I can handle that :)  It made me feel really good when I decided to set this I hope I can get it done!

I have been doing pretty good with my eating.  I made baked pasta last night and made sure to have a small portion.  Tonight I couldn't decide what to do for dinner so I made eggs, hashbrowns and toast.  It was an awesome breakfast dinner.  Lunch and breakfast doesn't usually change so that is easy to monitor.

Well that is all for tonight.  I need to get back to reading my book....I really think this is going to help me determine how to fix any and all barriers standing in my way of weight loss and the life I want!

Goodnight and chat soon!


  1. Keep it up Emma! I'm so happy for you!

  2. Thanks Phyllis!!!! You are an inspiration to me :)

  3. GREAT loss!! And way to post your starting weight! So happy for your progress and I love following you. Keep up the fantastic work!!


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