Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Not easy, but loving every minute!

Everything I do requires lots of work, but even with just the little progress I have made I am thankful for it all!  I went to the gym yesterday and I was excited to do my run.  When I got there and started though I felt a bit stiff and thought it wasn't going to be very successful.  Well I just watched tennis on the TV and went to town on that run!!!!!  My heart rate was awesome as was my breathing.  I actually felt like I was improving for once!!!  I did the entire workout with out a problem and my highest heart rate was 169.  Only reason I got it that high was because I ramped up the speed for the last 30 secs!  But I still had it back down in no time.  I am really impressed how well my recovery is improving every time I go.

Today I made it to gym in the morning again.  I went to do kettle balls and abs.  It was easier than the first time, but I could still feel it working :)  It didn't take very long, but I was about quality not quantity! 

As far as the scale goes, I am seeing progress daily.  I know I shouldn't watch it every day, but I do!  I have been doing well with my eating.  Last night I made Chicken Quesadillas!  Very yummy and easy.  I looked up the points to ALL of the ingredients and weighed out how much the total amount was.  I then divided it into 4 oz portions and it was about 1 point per ounce.  Not bad...The tortilla was 3 points.  So I had 2 of these for 14 points.  Not too bad considering I had not ate much all day.  I was completely satisfied after that :)

I have been reading through my book.  Right now I am going through the emotional eating chapter.  Some parts pertain to me and some don't, but it said to read all just in case.  I also started using the Lifestyle log that accompanies his programs.  It says to do it for a month to see your habits in all aspects of your life.  I am trying my best!  I really hate to log anything, but this is helping me.

I went to the grocery store last night.  I feel much more aware of what I am buying these days.  Not that I really wasn't before, but I am trying to be more successful this time :)  I bought some bananas (finally they had some good looking ones).  and I also got the new smoothie mix in the frozen department.  I may be able to make it myself and save some points, but for this first try I thought I would give this a shot!  Plus it's ready to go out of the bag.  I thought this would be a nice sweet treat and still healthy for me :)

Tonight I may do a little Just Dance2.  Have to see how busy I am after work.  I don't have any errands to run so I should just be headed to the house to make dinner and finish laundry.  I really feel that the little bit of organization I have done so far has really made a difference in my day to day routine.  I typically don't feel as stressed or rushed.  At times I can begin to feel very anxious, but thanks to organizing my life better I feel like I have a better grasp of what needs to be done and when! 

Hope everyone is having a great day.  The snow is flying yet again here :(  Tomorrow in my next official weigh in and I feel GREAT about it.  Can't wait to share some good news! 

Chat soon!!!

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