Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday = Snack Day

I always struggle on Sunday's...basically I am home all day and the kitchen always seems to have something bad in in that I want.  I also find I am sitting around watching TV and just want to snack then.

HOWEVER,  I have been very aware of this and so I am not caving!!!  I have been cleaning house for a few hours now and feel very positive.  This helps me with my cravings.  I love when the house is clean and I can just relax.  I have about 3 things left to do and all will be good for the day :)

So far today I have had a bowl of fruit loops cereal with skim milk, a WW small snack bar and a 3 Musketeers Truffle Crisp (5 points).  I plan on having nachos for lunch and probably leftover pork for dinner.  Should be another good day!

Tomorrow is Run 2 for the week...My legs are still sore today, but I think I will be feeling even better by then.  My other goal this week is to do the kettleballs again on my off days of running.  This should really help!  

Later today when my cleaning is all done I plan on just relaxing and reading through my book.  I am to the part where I need to start answering questions.  

May have more for you later :) Chat soon!!!

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