Saturday, January 22, 2011

Moving forward

It's been a couple of days since I last wrote, but I was busy :)  I have been doing well with my workouts and food...thankfully it has been showing on the scale too!!!!  My goal for the weekend was to be more active, drink more water, and not snack much. 

Today has been a good day.  I went to the gym and did C25K W4D1.  Struggled a little with the last 5 min run, but only had to walk for a minute to get the stitch in my side to go away.  I felt very good afterwards.  After I am done I normally end at about 1.7 miles and today with the additional 4 minutes of running I was at 2 miles!!!!!  That made me feel really good.  I may plan on doing week 4 for 4 days this week though.  I kind of feel that I may need that to get to week 5.  We'll see out I feel have 3 days.  So at this point I plan on running on Monday again :)

On Friday this past week I did kettleballs for the first time.  I have heard they are awesome, so I thought I should give it a shot since I just found a workout for this.  It said it was 15 min workout to do the 4 exercises with 3 reps of each.  It took me just over 20 mins to get it done, but I had to figure out exactly what I was supposed to do since it was just written out.  Once I knew it was a breeze!  I felt the workout immediately and definately this morning when I woke up!!!!  I thought maybe I wouldn't be able to get on the treadmill because I was so sore, but actually it helped loosen me up! :)  However, once I was off the treadmill I was sore all over again and with the longer running it was even more noticable!  Didn't care, it was worth it :)

My food intake has been within my points everyday except yesterday.  I use my freebie points on beer for Friday nights :)  We did have dinner down at the bar and I had a small salad, a cod sandwich (fried) and only a very few amount of fries (yay!)  I woke up this morning and the scale was on my side!  Today I had a couple of items from the gas station and a coffee, but I didn't have breakfast or lunch...for dinner I made shake 'n bake pork chops and stuffing (13 points).  I also had a peppermint schnapps and hot cocoa because I needed to warm myself up :)  I don't feel hungry so that is a positive.

I bought a new book today while I was out.  "The Life You Want! Get Motivated, Lose Weight and Be Happy" by Bob Greene.  When I read what it was about I thought it was perfect for me.  It has you assess your emotions and barriers to why we don't succeed at weight loss.  While at the same time it helps you increase your happiness :)  Always a plus in my book!  I will let you know as I go through it how it is.

So on that note...I am back to reading my book.  I look forward to a day off tomorrow :)  I am just relaxing and catching up on the house.  

Will write more soon! 

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