Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 2

So last night while I was relaxing and dinking around with my phone I added the Weight Watchers app and looked up my exercise/activity points on there.  45 mins of mowing the lawn with a push mower is worth 5 pts!  Same for taking an hour to wash the car by hand (which I did the day before!)  Made me feel much more positive about the little things I do.

Weight this morning was 263.8 So I was up a little bit but that will flucuate.  I just like to keep track of it daily!  Helps me know what I may have done wrong the day before.

Today's Food:

Breakfast - 4 pts
  • Oatmeal w/banana - 4 pts
Snack - 9 pts :(
  • Goldfish (125) - 9 pts
    • I did not check the points first so this was a big fail.  I knew they would be high but that was more than I really thought! 
Lunch - 8 pts
  • (2) Tuna Sandwich - 4 pts each
  • Diet Pepsi - 0 pts
Snack - 9 pts :(
  • Goldfish (125) - 9 pts
    • I only had these again because I needed something to munch on throughout the afternoon.
  • Banana - 0 pts :)
  • Cherries - 0 pts - bought some yummy cherries and had these on the way home!
Dinner - 8 pts
  • Grilled pork chop - 4 pts
  • Baby red potaotes - 4 pts
Snack - 0 pts
  • Kiwi - 0 pts

Total points allowed - 40 pts
Total points used - 38 pts

I thought I was doing better today because I didn't stop at the gas station, but I didn't really come out ahead.  Will do better tomorrow!  I am being more aware of what goes in though so that is a positive.  I know it wasn't that great with the goldfish, but it was what was available to take with me.  I need to do some shopping so I have better for me choices!

I tried a new recipe tonight for pork.  It was from the Kraft website and called Brew Pub Pork Chops.  You should check them out...very, very delicious.

Thank you to my friend Tana for the kind words on one of my previous blogs.  I really needed that.  Once I wrote that blog I really did feel better and now for the past two days I have not been so negative! :)  

Even through my struggles earlier today I was happy with the end result.  I was going to go for a walk because it was not so hot today, but once I got dinner prepped I was ready for just a little down time.  I felt a little guilty for this, but I must have needed this break because I feel content right now.

Tomorrow is a new day and I just keep starting over one day at a time.  I will keep you posted on how I do then.  I hope to get some new measurements taken soon too so I have something besides my clothes and the scale to see how I am progressing.  I am also planning on taking a new "before" picture.  I am still wearing the size 22 clothes, but they are definitely a little tighter than before.  

Well I am off to rest and relax!  Have a great night and I look forward to talking to you tomorrow.

~Chat Soon~

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