Saturday, July 2, 2011

it's been too long

I haven't really forgotten about blogging, but I have been busy and not been on the computer at home, which is where I typically blog from.

Since I last wrote I have been to Michigan and enjoyed a wonderful vacation.  I ran a 5k with a great friend and even did it faster than all my previous attempts.  I completed this 5k in 42:46!  The humidity just about killed me, but I still made it.  Molly was wore out for 2+ days after running with me.  On our way home the Escape I have broke.  We had just hit Des Moines, IA.  Pretty bad place to break down on a Saturday night at 7-8 pm.  Everything was closed by then so we had to get a room.  Luckily we have a great friend that drove from Gillette to pick us up and take us home!  We finally got to Wyoming around 10-11 on Sunday night.  John had to get about 2 hours of sleep then head to Cheyenne and I just had to be to work around 6am.

This past month I haven't exercising like I should be, but it has been crazy busy at work and I am trying to still get caught up from being gone for one week.  I did start this week running again though :)  I ran Monday and Tuesday then this morning for the 5k in Pine Haven!  I finished in 41 mins so I am getting faster still!  I think if I hadn't taken Molly I may have been under 40, but she does help keep me motivated and steady.

I need to check online when the Spearfish Canyon runs are this month.  I just remember they are in July!

On a weight loss note...I have not been losing lately, but overall I gained at most 7-8 lbs at one time.  I am already working on getting back down.  My focus has not been so good and so I need to get back at that.

Well I just wanted to check in with everyone and give you an update.  I will try to do better and keep in touch more regularly again.  I know it helps me to post on here also!

~Chat Soon~

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