Thursday, July 7, 2011


I have not been losing still, but I have also not been gaining.  It is frustrating not to see change, but I am also content knowing that I am maintaining lately.  I am slowly adding in some exercise again.  Last night I went for a run/walk.  I went the full 3.1 miles.  I only did running through the first half because my hip started hurting me.  I was impressed with my lungs though.  I didn't really have a labored breath until going up the biggest hill!  This made me feel really good.  I know I need to keep doing this every other day at least, but it just doesn't always work like that.  I am content if I can get it in a couple of times a week.  I may only do half the distance tomorrow when I go.  My hip is pretty sore today.

I did not weigh in this week at a meeting because I could not get out of work.  I will be back to the meetings next week though.  I really enjoy getting away from work for an hour and visiting with people going through the same things I am.  

I am off to go mow the lawn (a little exercise!) then do a little work from home.

~Chat Soon~

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