Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Trying something...

I am going to try and blog my food as I eat it. 

I hope to:
1) keep a log of what I eat all day
2) blog daily
3) lose weight!

I woke up this morning feeling better.  Maybe blogging about my frustrations really helped.  I didn't snack quite so bad yesterday and I stayed busy last night so I wasn't nibbling all evening!  YAY  I also was done 2 lbs from yesterday on the scale!  Let's keep this up :)

Starting Weight as of this morning 263.2

So here it goes:

Breakfast - 12 points
  • Coffee - 2 pts 
  • (2) tornadoes - 10 pts - from the gas station this morning (I did check the points this morning on the tornadoes and they are 5 points each)
Snack - 1 pt
  • Banana - 0 pts
  • Slice of bread - 1 pt
Lunch - 15 - 25 pts
  • Burrito - 15 - 25 pts - from Los Compadres (probably more pts, but going with this for now and going to try and be good later)
    • I could have stuck with my better for me choice, but I really did enjoy it  Sometimes it is worth it do do things like that.  Just have to be willing to deal with it afterwards.  Now I really need to get some exercise in today!
  • Diet Pepsi - 0 pts
Snack - 0 pts
  • Banana - 0 pts
Dinner - 8 pts
  • Taco Salad
    • 4 oz Lean ground beef - 4 pts
    • Black olives - 1 pt
    • Tomatoes - 0 pts
    • Lettuce - 0 pts
    • Cheese - 3 pts

Total Points Allowed for the day - 40 pts
Total Points Used for the day - 35 - 45 pts (all depends on how much that burrito really was.)

Need more options for snacks but this worked for today!

Overall this has been a great day!  I feel more positive about my actions.  I didn't do a structured exercise, but did mow and trim the yard in about 45 mins.  

Looking forward to what tomorrow may bring :)

~Chat Soon~

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