Monday, March 21, 2011

Another week

I have been going, going, going!  It's not going to change, but it will be different very quickly.  I worked lots last week and then the home show this weekend and now this week is crazy busy!  I want everything at work to go smoothly so I seem to stress more.  I put in 10 hours today and tomorrow it will be at least 9 I think.  I think tomorrow night when I get home I may try to put my bike rack on my Escape so I can take my bike with me to give me a little break during the day.  I also may try and go to the park and run/walk as well so I can get some fresh air.  I still want to go to the gym, but I will have to see how it all fits into my schedule.  It takes at least 15 mins to just get there from work.  I will keep you posted on what I decide to do.  No matter what I will still be exercising and dieting.  I have come this far and only want to keep going at this point!!!  :)

This morning I was back to running.  My run was based on C25K W3.  It consisted of my 5 min warm-up walk and cool down.  Then 4 sets of 90 sec runs, 90 sec walk, 3 min run, 3 min walks.  Each set I went up a tenth of a mile per hour.  I started at 5.6 and ended at 5.9.  I won't say it wasn't hard, but I was pleasantly surprised how I felt when I was done.  I am sure Wednesday will go differently, just because my legs/hip are very sore right now.  I am planning on swimming this morning so I can maybe loosen my hip again like I did last week!  Also, I love splashing around in the water.  :)

I did well on my eating plan today.  John knew when I was getting home late that I wouldn't want to cook dinner so he suggested Papa Murphy's.  Luckily this is not a bad thing.  It is not hard to love their chicken bacon artichoke delite pizza!!!!  It is the best!!!!!!!!!!  So overall I did very well today!  

I am looking forward to a weekend of not being so busy, but until then, I will just keep my head screwed on and find ways to help me de-stress constantly :)  If I do this I think I will be able to accomplish more and do it even easier than before.  I will be re-organizing some of my office tomorrow and I think this will help me achieve my goals!

With that I am off to finish getting ready for tomorrow.  Until then...

~Chat Soon~

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