Thursday, March 17, 2011

Splish Splash

I just finished prepping my road bike!  I just need to hop on it and RIDE! :)  I look forward to this very much, of course until my butt hurts really bad.

Today I decided to go for a swim to alleviate pain in my hip and legs.  It felt so good in the water.  I did 10 laps total.  5 laps of regular swimming to get my heart rate up and 5 laps of kick boarding.  I did them alternating for the 10 laps.  By the time I was done, about 25 mins I was really slowing down.  I felt better all day after that too!  Tomorrow is my long run.  Hope my legs are ready for it :)

I did well on my eating today.  We went down to the town hall today for the town's birthday party and they had cake.  Luckily a lady was handing out the pieces and I got a center piece and it was small.  If left up to me to choose I know I would have wanted an edge.  I love frosting.  So I indulged and enjoyed every bite and was good with just the one small piece!  

Nothing else is exciting here.  I will be at the home show this weekend for work.  I plan on taking all of my snacks and meals.  I do have plans to go out Saturday night, but I hope to do a lot of dancing to work off dinner and drinks!  Should be lots of fun!!!

I am off to prep for tomorrow, just got done cleaning a lot of the house.  

~Chat Soon~

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