Sunday, March 27, 2011

Partying like a rock star!

This weekend has been fun filled.  Friday night John made it home in time to go to the beer and wine tasting at the Cam-Plex.  It is two hours of trying different beers, wines and liquors.  We have been for the past two years so this was our third time going.  We always have so much fun.  It is a great social event.  When I got us back to Pine Haven the boys were sleeping in the truck so I stopped and had a couple of beers.  

The next morning I slept in til 11:30...I finally felt like I was getting rested.  Then I made the boys some brunch.  Shortly there after, only being up for 2 hours, we laid back down for another 3 hour nap!  I really needed all this rest.  I have been very wore out this week.  We then went down to the bar for some dinner and ended up having a social night!  It was fun since I hadn't been socializing in Pine Haven for the past two weeks.

This morning I slept in til about 9:30.  I definitely feel much better today after getting my rest.  John on the other hand is maybe getting stomach flu or something like that.  Not good since he has to go down to Cheyenne tonight and will probably gone for 2 whole weeks :(  I will miss him, but it is what he must do.  

I haven't done any exercise since Friday morning when I did my run.  Friday's run was my 31:15 run and I pushed myself to do it at a pace of 5.2!  I was tired by the end, but I felt awesome.  I really felt like I all my hard work is really starting to pay off.  The total amount I ran was about 2.85 miles in the 31:15.  This means I am a 1/4 mile away from a 5K.  I could do that in about 5-6 mins!  This is such an awesome feeling to know I have come this far.  I need to check and see what my runs consist of starting tomorrow.  It will be based on C25K W4.  I think it is 3 & 5 min runs.  I feel up to it, but I am sure it will still be challenging.  I have found I always double the amount of intervals and I think this is really helping me with my long run on Friday's also.  I don't feel like I have done enough when I get done.  

I plan on eating very well for the next week.  I need to go the grocery store today when I take John to Gillette.  I am going to go get my grocery list done right now so I can focus on what exactly I need to make this a successful week.  

I have decided on my next reward.  I am going to purchase 3 or 4 personal training sessions. I think it is about $100.  My goal is that this will help me move forward even more.  I also think it will help me focus on what I am missing, STRENGTH TRAINING.  I can do plenty of cardio, but I really need to incorporate strength training into my workout.  I'll keep you posted on when it starts and how it goes.

Off to get my grocery list done.  Need to be very focused this week.

~Chat Soon~

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