Thursday, March 3, 2011

Break day

Yesterday turned out to be a rough day for me.  That is why I am just now writing.

I went to the gym first thing like I always do.  Hopped on the treadmill and it wasn't an easy run, but I was doing it and refused to quit.  Not like my legs hurt or anything.  It was just my body wasn't feeling right overall.  I should have listened to it better, but my drive made me continue on.  By the last 5-10 mins I was ready to puke.  Not a feeling I enjoy at all.  I wrapped up the run completing W8D2 but of my own version 31:15 or 2.5 miles and headed down to the locker room.  I still felt off, but just thought it was because of the hard workout I just did.  I hopped in the shower and felt dizzy and saw stars :(  I just barely got rinsed off and conditioner out of my hair and I HAD to sit down.  Once sitting I started to feel a bit better thankfully :)  I finished getting ready and stopped at the gas station for an OJ (by the way...they are 6 points!!!) and that seemed to help also.  Not sure if it was a blood pressure issue or blood sugar, but it scared me!

All day I had fruits and lunch and water, but I still came down with a terrible headache :(  Staring at the computer all day did not help I am sure, but I had to get the job done.  I came home and made some chips and cheese and then laid down.  I relaxed for a couple of hours and then drifted off around 8pm.  I woke up this morning at 5am but felt like I should take a break today and give my body a rest.  I slept for another 90 mins and woke up with lots of energy!!!  It was a nice change :)  

I had a good day overall.  I got a lot done at work and then went to Wal-Mart tonight to pick up a few things.  I bought lots of good foods for me to have, however, I will still have to gets fruits and veggies on an as needed basis to go with it.  I bought Papa Murphy's for dinner tonight and it was delish!!!  I get the Chicken Bacon Artichoke DeLight...YUM!  The boys got a Hawaiian.  

Tonight I have been doing some work (folding prepay letters) and hemming Zac's pants for his play.  Bought some iron in hem stuff.  Supposed to take 3 seconds, but it's taking like half an hour!  But I think they will look good.  Thinking of that I better get back to the iron :)

Looking forward to my run tomorrow.  We'll see how my body feels and may vary it a bit so I don't kill myself!  Got to be better to my body :)  And by the way I lost another 1.4 yesterday bringing my total to 20.4 lost!  I will have to update my little person on the top of my blog later or tomorrow :)  I also took new measurements and found I have lost a total of 4" on my waist ALONE.  I lost more on all other areas, but that was the biggest losing area :)  It showed today.  I actually wore my belt on the last hole!!!  Small accomplishments make me keep going!

~Chat Soon~

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