Friday, March 18, 2011

Good Run

This morning I did C25K W11D3...31:15 5.0 mph!  That is .2 faster than I have been doing :)  I kept trying to talk myself into quitting just because it was hard, but I was like NO your legs are not sore and your breathing is good...Keep moving and it will be done soon...YOU CAN DO THIS.  Sometimes I really have to talk to myself when I am doing physical activity :)  I made it to 3.04 miles with my two 5 min walks also.  That means that in my 41 mins I have almost done a 5K :)  If I keep going faster I will get there easily :)  But I need to still take it slow to get my speed up.  I will try to move up to the W3 routine on Monday.  Have to see how tired my body is.  I don't get a day off this weekend and going out for Girls Night Out on Saturday after the Home Show!  I am really excited about this.  I plan on doing lots of dancing, more than even drinking I think :)  So I will get plenty of exercise this weekend!!!

Today I barely ate because I was go, go, go all day.  I finally had lunch at 2pm and I could tell, I was starting to get a headache.  John made corned beef on the smoker and we had baked potatoes with it.  It was delish and it was nice to not have to prepare dinner :)  Especially since I did not get home until almost 7pm.

I almost forgot to mention also, that I checked my current measurements and I have lost a total of 18.75" overall so far :)

Well I am off to get Vodka Friday started :)  We have not had a home vodka party in a while and I think we may play some Wii too! :)  Should be a nice fun evening!!!

~Chat Soon~

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