Saturday, March 5, 2011


I hate feeling stressed out, but that is how it has been for the past two days.  My 14 year old step-son is constantly getting into trouble, sometimes not a serious as others, but I don't know how to deal with this anymore.  Neither does his father.  I am trying to not let it affect my personal well being, but you know it does.  

Yesterday morning I went to do my run and everything was perfect!  I finished my 31:15 without any trouble at all :)  I didn't feel like I had much more distance/time left in me, but that is ok.  I think next week I will start my speed training back on W1or W2.  I will have to look at the running times and see what works.  I may have to do more of them, because now I like to go for more too!  However, by biggest goal is to get some decent speed built up :)  It will be really weird to run for only 60-90 seconds at a  I have thought about doing two speed interval training days and one long run day also.  Have to see how it all goes this week.  Just thoughts.

This morning I planned on cross country skiing at 9am here in Pine Haven.  I thought I was meeting a friend, but she slept in.  I don't blame her.  Technically I slept in as well, but 8am is that for me :)  Skiing was nice.  It was breezy in the open areas and the snow was a little wet making it sticky, but overall it was a beautiful morning.  I did make contact with my friend and she may be coming out here after 3pm and so I think I will go back out with her again.  Not like I am out there for a very long time!  It's kind of peaceful out in the snow.

Yesterday I did good during the day on my points and then last night we went down to the bar for a couple of beers that turned into 6 :)  What can I say, they were DELISH!  and for my stress, I needed them :)  I also had a BLT on wheat.  Not my best sandwich, but it could have been worse I am sure.  I like it because it doesn't make me feel so stuffed.  Today we went to Gillette to pick up a few things and John wanted some breakfast (sit-down) and so we went to Perkins.  I reviewed their menu and found they have 2 calorie counter meals!  I chose the Southwest Chicken Omelet.  It seemed like the best choice for me :)  It was perfect.  I came with fruit and dry toast (however, I can't eat it dry so I put some jam on it, but only ate a single slice, not both).  It was very tasty and filling.  I need to check out the points exactly on it, but I felt successful that I chose the best meal for me.  Sometimes dining out just stresses me more than anything else, but thankfully I was able to alleviate some of that stress and just read the menu carefully.

For the rest of my day I don't know what may happen, but I look forward to the possibility of skiing again and spending time with my sweetheart!  Hope everyone that may read this is doing well!

~Chat Soon~

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