Thursday, March 31, 2011

No pain!

I tried something new today...ALEVE!  That stuff is amazing :)  I hope that with it I will be able to get my run done easily tomorrow.  I took today completely off from exercise.  I felt that was the right choice for me.  Work has been really hectic and I am nervous about my schedule changing quickly.  I do hope to run more outside though to get ready for a real 5K.  There is a park near my work that has a paved track on it.  The distance is approx .67 miles for a lap.  I figure I need to do about 5 - 6 laps and that is doable!  

Tonight I made shrimp scampi over rice with asparagus!  It was SO delicious.  I will definitely make that again.  I miss homegrown asparagus though :(  but make do with what is available out here.  Last night was leftovers and tomorrow night will probably be leftovers for Zac.  I will head down to the bar for a couple of beers.  Love my social hour :)  But I don't plan on staying out all night.  I have a busy weekend.

I plan on helping my friend this weekend.  She just bought her first place and it needs a coat of paint everywhere.  I seem to love to paint, so I am helping her get it ready this weekend.  We have a pattern we are doing in her bedroom on one wall and I can't wait to try it.  I meant to try it here first, but just never got around to it.  I hope by being busy this weekend I do better at tracking what I eat.  I plan on taking good for me food!  That seems to really help a lot when I am on the go.  

Well I must go and work on John's taxes for a short bit.  I keep putting this off and that is not going to get them done! One last thing though.  I had my weigh in yesterday and I was pretty sure I knew I had struggled all week and I was right...I gained only one pound though :)  I did watch everything I had for the 3 days leading up to the weigh in and I think that really helped.  I have also been doing great since then...not perfect, but much better.  I am trying to be a lot better and writing it all down.  I WANT TO SUCCEED and I can't if I keep sabotaging my hard work.  I am completely on track and willing to work hard.  

Alright now here I go!

~Chat Soon~

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