Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Not one of my best weeks

Not sure what is up, but I have not had a great week so far :(  I went to do my run Monday morning and I thought I felt pretty good, but after the first 2 intervals I could barely breath.  Now I was doing more than before, but still it was very difficult.  This weeks run were supposed to be:

5min warm up
3min run
90sec walk
5min run
2:30 walk
REPEAT 2 more times
5min cool down

Well I ended up walking almost all of the 44 mins.  I maybe got in 10 mins of running.  I went at a pace of 5.7 and maybe this was a little ambitious, but I thought I was able to do it.  I really think if I could have been able to breath I would have done better.  I don't know what Wednesday's run will be yet, but kind of leaning towards the previous weeks routine.  

I did spinning today for something different.  I woke up like usual, but I was very tired and so I slept in a couple more hours and was thankful for it!  Spinning is at noon on Tuesday's and Thursday's.  I haven't been in about a year and was pleasantly surprised how good it felt.  Sure, I didn't go as far as the others.  I have always struggled to move my legs as fast as I should, but I still keep going.  I thought it may help my knee and hip, but they are still sore.  I think it really has to do with my speed training, so I need to very careful.  

I did quite well keep track of points the past two days and it shows on the scale, because it had been creeping the wrong way.  I may still have a small gain tomorrow at weigh in, but I know it is my fault and I am working on correcting it.  All I can do is try harder and be more diligent about writing everything down!  

I am off to bed, but wanted to get this down in here before I forgot!  I did that last night :)  Have a great night everyone!

~Chat Soon~

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