Monday, March 7, 2011

Speeding up

I started my interval training over again today.  It was weird to walk between short runs again :)  I did C25K W1D1 (however, I call it W10D1)  It consisted of a 5 min warm-up and cool down with 8-1 min runs in the middle and 90 second breaks between the runs.  I did the first two intervals at 5.2, the next two at 5.5, the next two at 5.7, the next one at 6.0 and the final one I kept increasing throughtout the minute from 6.0-6.8!  For the first 6 intervals I couldn't even get my heart rate over 150 (barely even up to 150).  I recovered very quickly also.  Even the fast runs were not terrible and I felt like I could have easily gone longer than 60 seconds.  I will have to look into maybe W2 or W3 of C25K and decide what may be a better starting point for me since I really have done more than this.  I didn't feel as challenged as I would have liked.  I also considered doing more time also, but I may have to try and create my own playlist for that.  I figure I would still like to get some decent mileage and time.  Becasuse I felt like my run was not as tough as I thought it should be I ran downstairs and did a few ball exercises while my HR was already above resting!  I felt better about myself for doing this.

Today I was back on my eating plan.  For some reason yesterday I was very very munchy.  I couldn't find anything to satisfy my need for food :(  It was very frustrating because I knew I didn't really want to eat like that, but it was all I could do to make myself feel content (to a degree).  I made a pot of chili last night in the crockpot for dinner last night.  Hoping to have that for dinner tonight as well.  It was quite spicy so I only had one bowl!  Probably the same tonight :)

Nothing else exciting going on in my world.  I didn't get out skiing any other times this weekend, but may this week and weekend.  Probably not today though, it is really cold!  I hate the cold and I didn't even leave the house yesterday!  Well I am off work and headed home!

~Chat Soon~

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