Sunday, May 1, 2011

Another one under my belt!

Yesterday was a terrible day for a 5k, but I did not let that stop me from going and completing it!  I took Molly with me thinking this would be nice, but because it was so wet she just got soaked and didn't have much motivation :(  I really felt like I was dragging her a lot of the time but we still both finished :)  My first race on April 19th I completed in 44:30, yesterdays race was 43:33!  Basically 1 whole minute shaved off and I know I walked a lot.  However, even due to all of my walking I really did try and run a little faster when I would run!  I also did tell myself that since I could run in the crappy weather for a race that I need to do that regularly.  I can't use it as an excuse to not run normally!  I haven't completely written off today yet, but I am a little sore right now.  I did go out and get my yard mowed and fertilized.  Also did a little house cleaning and laundry.

I can't say I have been good about snacking today :(  I have been watching some tv and that always causes me to want to snack.  I have a salad planned for dinner :)  I am quite excited about it!  

I have thought that I need to re-do my measurements.  It has been a while since my last check-up.  I did get my new workout pants from You really should check them out if you have never heard of them.  I love the capris.  While I was down in Colorado I did try on a couple of the skirts and over time I could see myself getting them as well.  Right now I just felt way too self conscious and it felt like it sat low on my hips and as soon as I would have gone to do any physical activity I would have been pulling it up constantly.  Thankfully my capris are not like that at all and they make me feel cute :)

Well I am back to searching for my 5k's in the area.  Just wanted to fill you in on my progress.  I know my next one is scheduled for sure on May 12th at 6pm.  But if I can find one for Mother's Day weekend I may do one then as well!  Just keeping my fingers crossed for some nicer weather to come this way!!!

~Chat Soon~

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