Saturday, May 21, 2011

No bike race

Today the rain refused to give up!  When I woke up this morning it wasn't raining, but by the time I took my bike outside to hook it up it was sprinkling.  As we drove towards Gillette it just rained harder and harder.  When we finally got there and weren't actually driving it didn't seem too bad, but then we got out to air up tires on the Escape and it was raining hard enough that it was miserable.  I decided right then and there it wasn't worth it to me to be soaked and freezing.  We still had other errands to do after I was riding.  So instead we just did a little garage saling and then a few errands.  This weather has to get better one of these days! 

That is all for my excitement today...not really exciting at all!  I am going to work on some of my prep for vacations and go from there.  Have a great night :)

~Chat Soon~

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