Saturday, May 7, 2011

Friday night activities!

Yesterday I had too much to do at work to be able to leave and go for my walk/run.  I was disappointed but I knew what I needed to do for work and I got it done!  I didn't have a bike ride planned for last night either because it is my night to go out and have beers at the local bar!  I enjoyed myself all night long and instead of working out in the usual way I just danced my butt off!  We were all having so much fun singing and dancing!  John got home around 8pm so he was there and that just made me so happy!

Today I thought about going for a bike ride and I still could easily.  I had to leave for a short bit to get stuff for my Kentucky Derby hat!  I bought a floppy black hat and glued on flowers!  It looks good I think :)  I will wear a white dress I have with little blue flowers on it.  I think it will work well to get the look I am going for :)

Since I went out drinking last night I didn't eat much, and so far today I have been good.  Enjoying cottage cheese with strawberries right now!  We will head down to the party in about an hour and a half!  I have my horse picked out, Dialed In #8 and I also like #14 Shackleford.  Hopefully I win some money :)

Well that is all that is happening in my neck of the woods.  Sending lots of good luck wishes to my friend who is running her first 5K this weekend!  I know she is going to do great and look forward to hearing all about it!

~Chat Soon~

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