Monday, May 23, 2011

No ride...but still got a workout!

Today was a wonderful day.  Of course I spent most of it in my office and working!  :(  I had planned on going home and taking my bike for a nice ride and getting some wind in my hair.  However, they are saying 70-80% chance of rain tomorrow.  With my schedule of vacations and what I need to get done I was forced to mow my lawn.  This turned out to be a great workout.  It was very thick and then I had to rake to clean it all up.  I also put down some more fertilizer because I wouldn't want it to slow down on growing (HA).  But I sure do love how pretty and green it is right now :)  I'll have to see what the weather really does tomorrow and go from there and what I may do for some exercise.

I am off to bed a little early tonight.  I didn't get so much last night and it really showed today.  However, I did get a lot done all things considered. :)

~Chat Soon~

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