Wednesday, May 18, 2011

TOO Busy...

With only 16 days until I leave for Michigan I am too busy!  I have so much to do to be ready at work and at home.  I have been struggling with exercise and eating right because of it.  I know I should still keep my routine but I need to bank as many hours as I can and get as much done as I can between now and when I leave.  The weather has not been ideal and that does not help motivate me.  

Monday night the wind was blowing so bad I just fought the steering wheel the whole way home.  I could not imagine running or biking in the wind.  Yesterday and today the weather was threatening rain and raining off and on.  I have enough at work right now that I didn't need to take the chance on the weather.  If the weather can get better I hope to get in a bike ride sometime this week.  I have a bike race on Saturday and even if I don't ride between now and then I will be fine to do's only 6.2 miles.  

I have tried not to go crazy with eating, but I have had some not so great meals from take out this week and things I have cooked at home.  Don't get me wrong, I did better than I could have.  I will keep trying to do my best and not eat too bad.  I will also try to track more and this should really help.  I know it works I just slack off when I get busy.

Well since I have so much to do I am off of here and going to work on some prep for vacation time.  I only have this weekend at home, then Memorial Day weekend we are going to Boysen for some fishing I hope then the following one is off to Michigan.  Have to take advantage of every moment between now and then and get as much done as possible before the very end so I don't over stress too much :)  John is working as well and so he will be almost too busy to help me, but I know he will if I ask!  Alright off I go to make at least some lists to stay focused :)

~Chat Soon~

Forgot to mention that I did my weigh in and I am up, but that was to be expected after the week I have had.  I also researched a 5k to do while I am in Michigan and I plan on running in the Hartford Strawberry Festival race!  Hopefully my friend Tana can join me.  We have both been blogging and she just completed her first 5k a couple of weeks ago!  It would be awesome to run with someone that has similar goals :)

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