Sunday, May 15, 2011


I went to go run the first race of the "Feet Don't Fail Me Now" series yesterday.  I didn't have one of the printed brochures, but apparently that is the only method of knowing what time the races start and where they are located!  Well anyways We left Pine Haven to be there by 8-8:15am figuring it probably began at 9am like the others I have been signing up for and looking to register for.  I was wrong, however.  It started like at least an hour before we got there.  Had I realized that I could have planned to be up earlier, or decided that was not the race for me and not gotten up so early!  We ended up checking on numerous garage sales instead though.  I was still a little tender so maybe it was meant to be that I wouldn't run it.  The next one is on Thursday, June 2nd and is only 2 miles.  I am going to do the bike ride though on May 21st.  It is only 6.2 miles but that is perfect for me right now :)  My goal is to get up to 20+ miles approximately 3-5 times per week!  I really do enjoy riding my bike.  I hope to get out there today after I get the house cleaned up and the yard mowed!  

My eating has been ok, always seems like I can be better.  I just try to be aware of all that I am eating.  Mindless eating really kicks my butt.  I need to do better at writing it all down too!  That is always a challenge, but when I do, I know I do so much better.  

Well I am off to go clean the house while it warms up a little outside!  

~Chat Soon~

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