Sunday, May 29, 2011


I meant to do some posting while I was on the West side of the Big Horn Mountains, but I truly was busy!  I am trying to get invoices done so I can go to Michigan this Thursday night!  I feel that I didn't do as bad as I could have with going out of town.  I didn't do structured work outs but I did push a FULL cart through Costco!  I was complimented that I fit so much into a regular cart, not a flat bed, which is what I left with!  A guy said I should stack his hay for him and I told him I am good at that as well.  I was thrilled it was time to buy summer t-shirts from Old Navy and it happened to be the weekend they were on sale so I was able to get any color I want for cheap!  I also picked up a tube top dress, not exactly the right look for me, but for mowing the grass I think it will be perfect and then I can avoid tan lines on my shoulders.  This will help me with my wedding dress come that time!

Well I just wanted to update that I have not been gone and forgetting about my new goals I set.  I do need to be a little lax with them since I have so much going on, but I am still focusing!

~Chat Soon~

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