Tuesday, May 10, 2011


My bike is making me feel so great!  Today I decided I must push myself.  If I can't run too far outside I know I can ride!  I did 7 miles tonight and it was amazing.  I did the big hill in Pine Haven and it tried to kick my butt, however I did not let this happen!  I refused to give up and at the top of the hill I was very proud of myself.  At this point I still had 4 miles to go!  The rest of the ride was great and then I got to come back down the big hill at a blazing speed.  When I get the computer working on my bike I will know how fast I was going!  I did the entire ride in 40 minutes!  

Tomorrow I plan on run/walking before weigh in at lunch.  I do plan on a bike ride after work also, but will have to see how I feel to determine how far I ride.  I have to run my 5K Thursday night and another on Saturday morning so I don't want to overdo it, but I think I will have at least 3-5 miles in my legs!!!!

I just wanted to post a quickie before bed!  Good Night friends!!!

~Chat Soon~

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  1. Goodness you are running a ton of 5Ks! :) Glad to see you love biking - I hope I do the same. Just picked out my bike but need to get fitted on it this excited! You will do great on your 5Ks! Keep up the great work!


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