Tuesday, February 15, 2011 the gym?

This morning at the gym I was doing my routine on the elliptical machine when Ke$ha came on my iPod.  It was Tik Tok and the song is on Just Dance 2.  Well as the song goes on all I want to do is the moves to it from the game...however, I am in the front row of the machines and everyone would see me.  It really took all of my power to NOT do the dance moves!  Also, let me tell you the gym was PACKED this morning so it would have been quite a show for many people!  

I did get the points figured on my lasagna from last night.  I used Weight Watchers online and entered in all of the ingredients and then selected how many servings there were.  Makes it so easy to calculate points without having to figure out each part separately!  I was pleasantly surprised to find that my lasagna was 9 points per serving!  I thought that was pretty good actually considering I could not find the best ingredients to use yesterday.  If I make it again I will have to buy stuff in Gillette so I can get the points even lower!  Tonight I had the same thing again for dinner.  John didn't really care for it, so I know I will have to be the one to eat it up...No complaining here...I love lasagna!  I had 2 pieces tonight though, but that is all I had for dinner.  I had plenty of points available for it too.

Tomorrow is running again and then weigh in.  I think I will start with the 10 min runs again and if I make it to 10 and feel fine, I may continue on as far as I can go!  I will aim to run at least 22 mins tomorrow.  That will be 2 mins farther than Monday.  I know it doesn't seem like much, but that can make quite a difference.  Tonight when I get done with this I will go do planks before bed.  I can still only get to 20 on the first one, but it is not as hard as it used to be.  I will try for 2- 20 second planks for my goal tonight though!

Nothing else exciting happening otherwise.  I have my weigh in tomorrow and I am not sure what to expect.  I really think I will just hold steady tomorrow and then lose next week.  I am ok with this because I know I am putting in the hard work and I can see it in how much tighter my belt is today.  I can easily wear it on hole 4 when I could only wear it on hole 2 a month ago.  I actually put it on 2 today and held it out.  I was so amazed at how much space was there!  What a good feeling it gave me.

Hope everyone else that may be reading this is doing well. 

~Chat Soon~

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