Thursday, February 24, 2011

Got a little sleep :)

Last night I got to bed by 8:15...I slept really hard until midnight and then felt like I only half-slept until 5am.  I still felt much better today than most days lately.  I am thinking tonight I may try the same thing again.  Also have to keep a close on the weather.  It is supposed to get worse before getting better :(  Why can't spring just be here already.  I will have to get a snow shot to share with all of you...I am over my winter wonderland!!! 4 1/2 months of this crap is BS...just let it melt already!  OK enough of me complaining about all the pretty sparkly snow outside...lmao

Today I was able to make it to town and I went to the gym.  I went to the pool today and did 25 mins of water aerobics and 10 mins of kick boarding laps.  I pushed as hard as I could on the laps so I didn't stop much and I really worked my legs.  I did a lot of arms and abs in the aerobics part.  By the 3rd set of jumping jacks in water with the dumb bell things my arms were like jello!  Overall I really enjoy the water part of my workout.  It's kind of relaxing while still working out at the same time.  

Tomorrow I am back to running...hopefully I can get to town to do this.  If not, I may be begging someone to use their treadmill.  Hate to miss another great run since I feel like I am making some great progress now.  I love that I am actually looking forward to a run.  I really felt like I wanted to do it again today, but knew that was not a smart move at this time.  So, tomorrow it is :)

I did well eating today.  I tracked everything I had.  I finally figured out the points on my scrambled eggs.  They are kind of high, but I could use different ingredients to bring it down some, but they actually fill me up really well and it's not even that much!  I can tell that I don't need as much to fill me up lately :)  Huge bonus, because that means I am listening to my body better.  Sometimes I don't hear it so clearly, but it's improving!

Nothing else new to report on from Wyoming.  So, I am going to investigate new shoes.  Like to know what I want for the most part before I get to the store.  Helps me to focus on the right shoe and not just the pretty  Goodnight and hope everyone reading this is doing well.

~Chat Soon~

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