Sunday, February 20, 2011

Keyhole Winter Challenge 2011

This weekend I have been busy with the Winter Challenge here in Pine Haven, WY.  I participated in 2 events yesterday and they kept me busy ALLLLL day!  

First up I did the cross country race I was planning on.  I was very nervous and even more so because I was first to go and it was still icy.  They had worked the course a lot the night before, but it was still icy!  I had decided that my main goal was to "just finish" and my secondary goal was to do it in 25 mins or less.  Once I got past the two spots where I fell a couple of weeks ago I felt much more confident.  I cheered myself on the whole way.  Lots of "Good Jobs and You are awesome's".  I had one slip going up a decent climb, but I only went down on one knee so I took off one ski and got up the hill!  From there I was golden :)  I tried to go as hard and fast as I could in the easy parts so I could be careful when I needed to!  Overall I managed to finish the race with a time of 20:18!!!!!!  I was stoked when they told me that :)

Once we were done there we headed back to the cart shed where they were doing the registration and they informed me that disc golf was starting and they had a partner for me so I needed to get up to that event pronto!  Luckily the town in small enough it was only about 3 blocks away so I had no problem getting there quickly :)  I got paired with one of the guys who set up the course so I was thrilled about this because I already knew that I was not a very good thrower.  They also told us right from the get go that we would all win some sort of money because there was not that many that signed up for it!  For the morning we went out and did the front 9 holes.  For the most part it was fun and walking through the trees and such was a good time.  However, when you had to retrieve a disc or get to one that was off the path it was very very very very hard!  The snow had ice on top of it and so sometimes you stayed on top when you walk and many other times you fell through and it was up to your knee typically if not higher :(  I actually have bruises around the top of my calf right below my knee from going through so much all day and the ice was very rough on you.  When we got done with the front 9 we went to take a lunch break and planned on meeting back to do the back 9 in the afternoon!  At this point I really wanted to call it a day, but I knew I was winning money no matter what so back out I went!  The back 9 was more tough, but I brought Zac to help retrieve discs.  However, no matter how much I used him I was still going through A LOT of snow!  The hardest part was every time you fell down in the snow/ice you had to lift your leg all the way to the top again to try again!  My whole body has been VERY sore today and we will see how running goes tomorrow!  Overall I really enjoyed my time on the course and company was fun :)

This weekend I did "ok" on my eating, however, I didn't eat that much really.  We decided last night that we needed to PARTY all night.  We went to both of the bars and just had a blast.  Visited with more locals that I am getting to know and they were able to share lots of neat information about the area that I was curious about!  We also did Karaoke and dancing.  I really managed to work off a lot of the calories I took in with all the partying we did and my outdoor activities.  

Today was total recovery day!  I wanted to do absolutely nothing, which in the end meant let's go to the bar to get breakfast as well!  Good idea at least because I needed to find out how I did the day before.  I won 2nd place in my age division for the cross country skiing (ages 31-55).  I also won 1st place in group B of the disc golf also (thanks to Tom as my teammate)!  By winning these two prizes I was able to pay for my ticket and come away with an extra $50!!!!  I really thought there would have been more people skiing, but that's ok because then I may not have come in 2nd!  :)  After we came back from breakfast from the bar we all just chilled.  I sat around watching TV with Molly, while John napped.  I was very pleased that I did not snack all day, because the TV has a tendency to make me want to.

Tomorrow is back on schedule and that makes me happy :)  I expect to do well with all of my exercise and eating this week.  My head is really in the game even if I go out and have lots of fun on the weekend!  This has always been one of my struggles, but I really think writing this blog and sharing has helped me become stronger.  Well on that note I better get to bed.  Don't want to start this week with a lack of sleep :)  Goodnight!!

~Chat Soon~

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