Saturday, February 26, 2011


I finally rewarded myself today!  I went to Scheel's and bought myself some new shoes.  I went in hopes of getting a new pair of Nike's because they are always my favorite, but they were so UGLY!  I ended up falling in love with a pair of Asics.  They were the first pair of shoes I saw when I walked in and it was love at first sight :)  I tried on 3 pairs of shoes before them and then one after them.  I finally decided they fit so perfect I could not deny myself this guilty pleasure!  I had to convince myself I deserved to spend as much as I did on them though.  I figure it has been about 18 months since my last tennis shoe purchase that it was completely OK to spend $125 on shoes that I knew I would love!!!!  lol  Yes, I know I needed them, but I always get buyer's remorse.  Not this time though....I am truly in love with these shoes and can't wait for my first run in them.  May be as early as tomorrow!  I also got myself a Camelbak water bottle.  I have wanted one for a very long time, but once again cost always seemed too high.  I got it home tonight and have already sucked down 24 oz of water in no time.  Should have bought one of these a long time ago!  lol

Just noticed when I previewed this blog that my shoes
match my blog!  Must have gotten a subliminal signal
when I saw these shoes and that is why I had to have them!
I think I really plan on getting an iPod as my big gift.  Haven't decided when this should be, but I will start planning for this so I am able to get it when I get to that point.  John would really like his iPod back, but doesn't get it until I get mine :)  My old one won't hold a charge well enough for me to use it anymore, but his works perfect until I get a new one :)  What goal would you set for this?  I am thinking 50lbs.  That should give me enough time between now and then and still very realistic :)  Between now and then though I will still have smaller goals to keep everything moving in the right direction.  Like new jeans or a pair of cute heels, maybe a new skirt!  I am using all non-food gifts/rewards!  I find this is a better solution and I feel too guilty about over-indulging on food usually.

Yesterday I did my run that finished week 7 on C25K.  It was another 25 min run.  It was difficult, but I REFUSED TO QUIT.  I knew I could do it and so I DID!  I am hoping my next run will be great.  My plan is to move up to at least 28 mins but may go for 30!  I really think I can do it so I will let you know when it is done.  Once I can get 35 mins run at once time I will restart C25K and increase my speed.  Right now I just want to get my time in and know I can go that far!  If I can do 35 mins running I know I will be able to increase my speed and get a 5K done easier and faster!  I will also start doing my research on 5K's in the area so I can plan a timeline to race day!

I got fast food yesterday for lunch for my boss.  He told me I could get something as well and I said if I could find something healthy I would.  I can't remember the last time I had fast food so this was a challenge for me.  He wanted Arby's so it was not an easy choice.  I picked a Market Fresh Turkey and Swiss sandwich.  It was HUGE.  Thankfully they already cut it in half :)  I checked the nutritional values and figured the points.  I ordered it without the mayo and left the spicy mustard.  It came out to 8 points per half.  Had I left the mayo on it, it would have added another 3 points to the whole sandwich!  I also ordered a side salad with the light Italian dressing and so my whole lunch was 9 points.  Same as it would have been had I decided to just have my sandwich at the shop and baked Cheetos.  I thought I did very well!  As for the evening, John and I went down to the bar for Friday night beers!  I love my relaxing Friday nights :)  I did have a few too many, but it's all good!  I did have the other half of my sandwich at the end of the night, so I woke up today not feeling too bad :)

Today we went to Rapid City, SD to do some shopping.  We stopped in Spearfish to grab a light lunch.  I ordered a McChicken (not my best choice, but that is all I had).  We didn't decide to eat until 5pm in Rapid City at Qdoba (mmmm yum).  So this made it my dinner and filled me up a little more than I would have liked, but I didn't feel too bad about it, knowing I had ate lightly and would continue to eat light as the night went on :)  I ordered a chicken burrito and shared chicken nachos with John.  I love their chips!  I will just have to work a little harder but I am willing to do this!

I stopped at David's Bridal today to get some info about altering my dress when the time comes.  They told me they can only go down 2 dress sizes (YIKES).  I hope this is an issue and at the same time I hope it is

Well now I am chilling and enjoying my stress-free weekend!  Off to drink another 24oz of water :)  I can see me drinking a ton of water from here on out!!!  Don't forget share your thoughts on my goals.  Love to hear your feedback if your reading this!  Until then...

~Chat Soon~

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  1. I LOVE the shoes!! I want them! :)
    Good job on the goal setting. Something I need to do as well. Keep up the good work!


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