Monday, February 21, 2011

Still Sore :(

My ugly bruises from playing disc
golf in the snow!
I was feeling ambitious today and thought I would get my run done fairly easily.  I got on the treadmill and it actually helped to get moving.  However, even though I was not winded or my heart rate was good, my legs were VERY sore.  I could feel my bruise throbbing in my leg.  I made it 15 mins and then walked for 1 then ran for 4 more.  It was all I could do today.  I was slightly disappointed, but not as bad as I would have been had I not gone!  :)  I was still thrilled that I ran about 1.5 miles anyways.  I am trying to decide what to do tomorrow.  I thought about doing some water walking for a change of pace, and it is not as tough on my legs.  But, on the other hand I know the benefits of jumping on the elliptical machine as well. I guess it will be a surprise and I will let you know tomorrow what I decide :)
This is to show the snow we were dealing
with while playing disc golf!  I had to
right after taking this picture from the spot :)

Today I was back on plan for eating good.  I didn't have any issues with this.  I am feeling really positive about my weight loss.  I really think I have this figured out and I can see many successes in my future.  Overall, nothing too exciting happening here.  I worked today and then came home and cleaned the house. That also helps me feel good about everything I am doing!  I am finally buying and eating more fruit. I was actually sad I didn't have any fruit at work today, but when I got to the store I found mostly ripe bananas!!! I was very excited about that.  

I already have food planned out for tomorrow so this should be another great day!  I hope to have another loss this Wednesday and I look forward to checking my measurements again!  I really feel like there have been changes :)  I have been thinking about something nice I could get myself as a gift for my successes, both in weight loss and the winter challenge.  Still don't know, but when I do I will let you know.  I have thought about buying a new swim suit as a goal piece, but I am very afraid to do that.  We'll see : /

Here is to another great day.  Hope everyone else is doing well!

~Chat Soon~


  1. How about buying yourself some new work out clothes? I have just started my weight loss journey and have lost 5lbs in 2 weeks. I am using to track what I am eating, how much water I am drinking and my exercise. I have pretty much been doing alot of walking. We have many hills and ridgelines to walk here and the gravel makes it challenging! Keep up the good work Emma and remember to give your body the rest it needs! You mentioned doing some water walking, how about swimming laps for a full body work out or just using the kickboard and kicking laps! A mid-weight loss prize for yourself might be a few new songs on your ipod! TTFN!

  2. Thanks for to awesome comment Sarah! I did take up the kickboard idea today! I did 5 full laps doing that after water walking for 25 mins! Great idea on the songs for a reward :)

    Good luck on your weight loss as well. Sure wish it was easier, but i think I am starting to figure it out slowly!


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